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This dino is like marmite


Love it



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Both Vegemite and Marmite are disgusting.


I’m assuming you hate it, but I love the comparison for one reason, and I’m not sure if this is intentional or not. Marmite and/or Vegimite is hated by many, but from what I’ve heard, there’s also a lot of people who LOVE them. Love it or hate it, the rat is exactly the same. :joy:


Theyre not the same at all lol


Taste color viscosity etc are all different


Nvm im dumb :joy:


Only people that were force fed it as a child grow up to like it. Vegemite is disgusting.


I was merely referring to the love it or hate it mentality, actually! I’m American and have never had Vegimite NOR Marmite, but I still understand they’re different things! I mean, it’s only common sense, because why else would they have different names? :joy:


What’s marmite


Yeast extract.

Heaven on toast


Yes was intencional
Some love the rat like me
And some hate him but still use it
By the way I hate marmite


Ok. I somehow didn’t see the line saying you love it, so I was basing that hate off the fact you hate Marmite as I was assuming you’d have the same opinion on both. :joy:

I personally have no opinion on Marmite, because as stated previously I am American and therefore never tried it( by the way, Marmite isn’t really a thing in most places here in the States, in case anyone doesn’t know), but I kind of have a love/hate relationship with the rat. I absolutely love it’s design. It’s one of my favorites for the hybrids, right up there with the Christmas Ostrich and Thor. But, as you can imagine, I hate facing this thing in the arena.

I haven’t unlocked her myself, and I’ll probably keep leveling her up when I can after I do, because even if I don’t end up using her myself, Dracocera will probably be nice to have for strike towers.

I’ve said this in another thread, but I’ll probably use Procerathomimus over Dracoceratops simply because she’s my favorite hybrid overall right now. I don’t really care that Dracoceratops is more consistent. lol

I broke that up into more than one paragraph because I didn’t realize how long it was until posting it. :joy:


As a Canadian who lived in Australia for a few years, I LOVE Vegemite.

Dracoceratops on the other hand…

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