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This discourages me from playing

Because every two days I get the error of disconnection from the game, it does not let me in for many hours and it is already starting to bore me, my connection is quite good and they should fix that

Hello, D_i_e_g_o_A_r_m_a_n. I noticed that you have mentioned the same problem in your previous post and I’m sorry to hear about this. Have you reached out to our support team at as my colleague mentioned in the previous post? If you haven’t yet, please include your device information and your support key to help the team locate your account faster in our system. Thank you!

I also have this kind of problem some times… It normally occures at the event refresh (2 pm in my time zone). For example today I couldn’t play from like 2pm to 7pm. My device is very new and I live in Germany. Maybe the servers in Germany/Europe are overloaded at this times?

Hello @Leo_Walter. Unfortunately I can not confirm your assumption that servers in Germany may be overloaded.
I’m from Germany too and I never had this problem until now…knock on wood.