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This Doesn’t Seem Fair To Me What Do You Guys Think?

Those are what my freind was facing in predator league and here is what I was facing I’m dominator league

Not trying to be that guy but this seems a bit unfair i you know what I mean

Well u see some battles r like that for me too but I ignore them by just giving up
And u might wanna do this

  1. In the predator league u may only use lvl 30 to 40 legendaries
  2. In the dominator league u may only use ur best top 3 dinos of herbies,carnies,pteries and amphibies
    I play like this and look where I am now

This is a only Jurassic world the game fourm dude

Those pictures were technically mine this dude was my friend he sent the wrong picture

A. There are some battles that the game stacks opponents against you and you are supposed to lose. This should be a 1-in-15 matches.


B. You need to bring more powerful dinos into pred and dom league. This is the case if every match has these ferocity of dinos.

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I don’t like how you are supposed to lose even if it is that chance you know what I mean

You are competing to get into dominator for the top prize it shouldn’t be a cake walk for everyone that you can just use trash dino’s to get there and win the top prize. There has to be some kind of minimum requirement type of thing in place and there is.

They do that by setting the difficulty of the match-ups.

You are not “supposed to lose” some of the matches, the game gives you flexibility in the tournaments by letting you chose between having “easy” matchups which net less trophies by choosing powerful dino’s (if you have them). or having more difficult matches by choosing weaker dino’s which net more trophies. It’s up to the player to decide. If you don’t have “powerful” dino’s to make the fights a cake walk that is not the games fault. It’s all a balance and there are several different strategies people use to work the system to their liking. Do you want 40 trophies per win at the risk of losing a few here and there, 37? happy with 34 and consistent wins? or do you want to win every fight no questions asked and get 30?

It does seem at times though if you bring what the game considers abnormally weak dino’s to fight in a particular position in a particular league it will deal you extremely difficult matches in a way to tell you “Hey, cut the crap and get a little more serious here, I’m not just gonna hand over a Dom prize”

At times i find the inconsistency of difficulty in the earlier leagues to be annoying but it is what it is and at the end of the day it’s just me whining about something that isn’t really a big deal.


I did forget to tell , if you think dom battles are too difficult , don’t fight in dom. Keep sneaking in from predator. You have to be online in last half an hour and sneak back into dom though.
That’s how i usually finish tournaments.

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