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This doesn't make any sense

Yesterday that new superhybrid was released

But I cant unlock gigaocephalus to make that hybrid
Then whats the use of this dna

IIs the same with dimetrocarnus too
If we can’t unlock that creature then why to introduce such a thing

We don’t have any Euoplocephalus unlock event as of now. Only bet is to go hunting for it from trades or packs.


Me with 1 eupo.


Ludia is ludia


Only Ludia makes sense to Ludia

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They want you to spend real money on Dino bucks to buy the copies you need.

Or you wait for the copies or natural accumulation of Dino bucks. 3250DB per copy or about that.


If you play long enough you don’t need an unlock, I don’t think I have ever purchased one with DNA…


As @Sionsith said, you could wait long enough to accumulate copies.

I also suggest custom trades (be warned though, at higher levels you do not get Super Rares anymore in custom trades so get them while still at lower levels). My suggestion is go for the 3,250 DBs copies only as last resort, waste not those DBs when you could wait to get copies. Try to avoid it as much as possible, don’t spend them just yet.

As a Post Reshuffle player, myself and others similar can definitely agree it is one of the most elusive Jurassic Base Creatures to get copies of so trades are your best bet for now. Yes, Ludia is doing a pretty shakey job locking Pyroraptor and Euoplocephalus like this and giving them superhybrids leaving Post Reshuffle players struggling for copies.

Priority to trades, last resort to buying them with DBs. Or real money… :eyes:



I found sarkastadon and entelodon to be the most elusive, odds are pretty low considering ceno prizes dont come around as often as jurassic prizes so you have to resort to farming PvP.

Elasmosaur I got extremely lucky with I had 2 max copies before geo was even released, and giga might aswell be unlocked the amount of them I get is insane :joy:


I know for a fact, that after fusing a locked creature for a hybrid, you get so much copy of it so fast, I remember struggling to get pyro copy for month, and when I finally got carnoraptor, I got 2 pyro in the same day!!!
Also I got pelancoptryx maybe a month ago, after struggling to find peli and now I have 2 more copy max in a month time!!!