This drives me crazy


Does this drive anyone else crazy? I don’t have the coins nor do want to level up all of these dinos (I’m looking at you Stygi Gen 2), but the fact I have that bubble staring at me drives me nuts. Haha. Just my personality I guess. :woman_shrugging:



Yup drives me nuts. I dont evem want coins to level up the ~ 50 useless dinos. Just the option to get rid of that badge icon. I feel like one of those people with 2973 unread emails on the phone at all times


It triggers me bad. I’m sitting at 42 right now and I just don’t get enough coins to level them up, even the dinos I have in my rotation for battling. :confused:


Seriously, the pain (and that coin bottleneck) is real.


I’ll be honest, the bubble itself doesn’t bother me. What does bother me is that in the list of dinos I can level up are ones that I want to level up but can’t justify doing so since it would be a waste of coin. All the fliers or the hadrosaurs for example. Granted my desire to level them up comes from my interest in those animals rather than any specific in game benefit.