This forum starts to lose passion, inspiration and motivation - Can’t the game offer us that any longer?

Last months this forum have felt more and more lose of passion and inspiration.

People starting to drop of from here, players quit the game and many old faces don’t discuss any longer.

Are JWA to simple to play?

Was the community hoping for more variation and more content - Stuff to do and make IN THE GAME ?

Are the lack of a good forum the reason of a game who can’t offer deeper levels?

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I guess the monotony bores them, there’s not much news and complaints are in the clouds

ludia should work on a new novelty soon … something that makes the game more “competitive”

You mean they don’t have a clear vision of HOW the game should expand and How it will look like - say - 3 to 5 months from now?

Do they analyse the players progression and adjust?

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Yea I love the lythronax boss strike! I thought that was amazing even tho I was far to week to kill it.

But nowwithboosts it took the difficulty away.


For me there are/were a few posters here that make it worth a trip to the forums everyday…
In no particular order…

@Julien_Mayfair for his crazy yet honest sarcasm, @Hersh for his optimism (miss ya bro), @Evicton, @Myp, @GPx, @David_Courtney and many others for their insight, @Justin_Larson because he doesn’t care what you think about him, lol. @Pepito_Aie and others who post vids to watch, @Colin_Goodman for his always interesting dino of the day posts and dedication, @Akerond, who always gives my vids a like, lol. Etc, etc, etc, etc.

I could go on for days, but I can only @ 10 peeps in a post. :slight_smile:

Also lets not forget our Support staff and Moderators for communicating with us and keeping order here.

Boom. Hows that for Forum positivity and passion… :wink:


I meant that they should be a little more ‘’ aggressive ‘’, the game is pretty good and it’s time for Rexy to give his kick to the yellow rat, that of Nintendo

a big event and the launch of something equally impressive would be what would drive the game and recover many players

I thought to propose something like the teams in Pokémon, blue, red and yellow, but each team would have a unique benefit that the other does not, and they would give you access to your favorite Dinosaur of Jurassic Park (Big One, Rexy and Spino), but you would have to meet specific achievements, a new challenge that would revolve around hunting dinosaurs and not just battles.

ludia goes a lot for the things ‘’ safe ‘’, and when they decide to do something new, they go well, Lord Lythronax is an example, I could not defeat him but instead of complaining, the truth seemed quite entertaining

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but recently the forum is filled with a lot of complaints about a lot of bugs, matchmaking, boosts, exploits, etc.

if game at least work as expected, and ludia listen half of suggestions and bug reports, things should be better.

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Here the thing with these forums… looking at all the im quiting threads the last few days… i might read the thread but unless its someone i know… i read and move on… its not a discussion point. Ludia had the numbers before they made boosts… they deployed boosts in a strategic way that tricked some… and those tricked helped others get tricked. Now the games gonna looose some community members on the forums.

The fact is this community is a real small piece of this games playerbase and despite all the doom and gloom on here… lending some to think people are leaving in droves. But all info points to the contrary.

Thats not a chart of a game hemorrhaging players nor is this.

I havent been posting as much cause I have nothing to add to John Smith leaving the game… nor do I have anything to add to the people who are writing that they dont care that john smith is leaving.

I could not find any site to describe how they go about getting their numbers. I only found the youtube channel.

Would those be downloads of games they are tracking? Seems it would be difficult to track users actually opening and playing a game. If so, the latest uptick could be users uninstalling and reinstalling due to the blank screen issues with 1.7. Long-term, the trend seems to be slowly down.

Thats is the game launcher on samsung devices… its a small piece of the pie but its number has been stabilized for months now so it is an indication of trends. It tracks playing… as seen with the 30 min+ avg session which where the game always sits.

1.7 is the first patch where the number hasnt dropped atleast a few thousand the first 2 weeks after launch.

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Nothing bad. It summer, weather is gorgeous parks are gorgeous loving getting out doing event dinos. I’m sure I’ll post some depressing drivel come winter when Im walking in cold rain and 50 mph winds.

Less posts won’t always mean people went away.

That is true, we got an additional 5k in signups to the forums over the last week, some of you are just more vocal than others :stuck_out_tongue:


Does this mean our reaction isn’t enough to change Ludia’s mind about extorting $10/day from anyone who wants to keep playing competitively?


heyyyy not fair.I like your videos…but i would like to be known as the person that makes suggestions and never heard. And…I am…Akerond /snap the suggestions


It feels even more then ever, that this topic need an update.

This forum is on fire.

Many problems.

Who cares anymore?

I mean apparently you care a whole lot… constantly bumping your own posts that havent had a comment on them in 27 days… qouting yourself…

If I spent as much timr complaining about something as much as you do… Id find a new hobby/game and move on with my life.



I’m kinda liking it.
I’m really looking forward to the seasonal

I’m glad people complain. Gives Ludia some feedback. But they also will know player numbers and sales. So Ludia will measure what they are doing on more than forum posts.

Many people can put up with boosts or OP creatures. They just play. The passion on the forum is often people slamming the exit door for the tenth time shouting I really am leaving to dead silence in the room.


I mostly come to the forum to read announcements, threads about dino encounters on the map and none the least the JWA art thread. It gives me a positive vibe.

Negativity always speaks the loudest, I’m just not hearing them. When you only read negative posts, you only see the negative things. But that is my opinion.

I have no desire to be at the top 500, I respect those who do. I just collect, battle to collect and have fun with my Alliance.

There are a few I miss on this forum, like Wrothgar and Hersh. But people come and go, as with everything.

Try to look at the positive side, after all it’s just a game.

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