This forum starts to lose passion, inspiration and motivation - Can’t the game offer us that any longer?

As I thought.

The topics are less and the active members not that many.

Hard to keep players motivated nowdays…?

I guess.


You know what I miss? The videos of how to beat level 30 strike towers… No point in those anymore now that even teams around level 20 can beat them with boosts rather easily…


Exactly that and I miss the team / tactics threads. Now it’s just boosts


I’m not doing anything with my primary account right now. I just do the towers and continue to accumulate coins… 3.3 million at the moment but I haven’t made or leveled anything as there is no point or goal to achieve.

I played with the boosts all through the first month but just got tired of playing a PvP game that revolves around the DC’s and Thors.

My 2nd account is now my acting primary. I PvP enough and complete the daily’s when I have the mission… I have all common, rare and epic creatures. I only lack 3 of the legendary creatures. I’m playing level 15 & 16 creatures only in a range where teams are lightly boosted at the most. There is a bit more variety and it is still fun in this range.

I don’t know how people can fight their way up and get stuck playing the same 8, maybe 10 or 12 creatures day in and day out. Boosts drive a person in this direction. I literally have half the JWA creatures level’s 15 and 16 and playable. I play totally different teams day to day. I don’t play a lot though. I play just enough to keep a daily incubator ready for any day the daily incubator mission pops up and then battle 3 or 4 more battles to get it ready for the next day,always a different team with no boosts.

I tell you, if they make an arena to play none boosted, I’ll pick back up with my first account and bring several creatures up to the lower to mid 20’s. With what I’m doing with my 2nd account and where I’ve gotten in the last month, I really don’t need my primary account any more.


Unfortunately this game will just continue its slow progression into the pit so long as Ludia continue to show absolutely no interest in their own game, which is to say; as long as Ludia continue to be Ludia. Maybe if another company that actually cares buys it from them we might see some improvement but frankly I think it’s more likely Ludia will throw JWA under the bus as soon as it stops being profitable for them, rather than actually looking into why that might be.


Yeah. It’s a shame.

8-10 months later EVERY bird is still useless. It’a A LOT of dinos who could be great and playable.

I just miss that, some passionated and visionary staff.


The forum isn’t going to offer any of those things. The game needs to do that.

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Well, as I see it, is not 2 different parts.

If the strikes and challanges was difficult, people would connect and talk and discuss.

If the game was more about strategy and not forcing everyone in same direction, people would be more passionated and talked about it.

If there was 1000 ways to using your team, every battle would be more different. As now, everyone unluck same stuff, play same stuff, and after 1 year active gaming, it’s not fun anymore.

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