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This game become dull


Please consider some big fishs in Ocean like or some monsters in Mars like enviroment.
This game will be finished when Wizard United begin!!


What the heck is wizard United?


Harry Potter AR game.


Although I never thought I could like any AR game more than Pokemon Go, I didn’t count on dinosaurs :wink:

That said, I’m 100% sure that Harry Potter (or Zombies or ghosts or …) wouldn’t tempt me in the least. I don’t think I’m alone and I don’t think JWA is about to be “finished”.


Well, I think Ludia might have made a fundamental mistake by giving away so much legendary/unique DNA in all recent events. People don’t need to put their heart into playing actively and will get bored since they unlocked a few uniques so quickly. Now many lower arena players (level 12-15) have 2 or 3 level 21 uniques… I had to work hard and fuse a lot to get them. Leveling them might be a challenge if they don’t have all required dinos at level 20 though. I think it’s bad for the game in a long run. xD


I prefer Google map games, like this game, better supply drop placement for me. Although Wizard Unite have made the maps look amazing. Judging from one screen shot.

One day a company will do a GPS phone game that blows everyone away. And all previous games will look rubbish and wonder why they didn’t think of that.


Ive played pretty much all the bigger named ar games… what jwa does right is it has some depth to it… yes there is alot of room for improvement. But that depth is why i come back, now honestly this games pop is to low for a major release really hurt its numbers…

Harry potter will canabilize more pogo fans then jwa… were a small dedicated group.


I remember people writing the sane thing about that ghostbusters game when it came out. People are still playing JWA. Those of us who play are more likely to be driven away by lack of bug fixes. They fixed the strike tower glitch, so I’m hoping they are working on everything else.

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I’m going to be playing wizards United definitely but I doubt it will be better than jwa.

That said it really needs a new lease of life its getting a little stale.


Keep dreaming.

One day they will figure out how to fix more glitches


Ehh, they might do it. I didn’t expect them to ever fix the dinosaurs caught in towers issues. It took them longer than I wanted, but they did it. Who knows? They can be surprising sometimes.

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