This game boils my blood!


No matter how high my team levels are I still get put up against teams superior to mine. My stegoceratops hasn’t got a successful stun in about 15+ attempts, and keeps losing to the same dinosaur 5levels lower (who manages to stun me with all 3 of their moves)!! I’ve used my trex in 22 fights recently and she hasn’t had ONE critical hit!! When I’m finally winning in a battle and it’s down to my last attack the fight has just stopped and awarded the opponent the victory!!! Orrr the opponent becomes invisible and wins as they aren’t there’s to be hit. The battles on this game are one of the worst I’ve ever played! And it’s a shame they are so crucial to the game as I’d happily not play them if it wasn’t for coins and dna. Oh also I’ve only recently got the indominus Rex…and I’m right to assume the cloak gives her 50% chance to dodge attacks right? As maybe someone should tell mine that as she is hit 85% of the time and knocked out!! It’s made this game very unenjoyable and just very irritating.
Maybe sort this crap out and make a game that’s fair?!


Buy incubators. Sorry I’ll leave. It happens bro.


Absolutely agree. Opponent’s stun and cloak are always working but mine are always NOT worked.
So, I have removed them from my team ( Lv 19 and 20, respectively)

Don’t expect it. This is a casino-like game.


Yeah it’s definitely rigged! Like when your opponent is obviously about to use a stun move and your Dino becomes stunned 2-3secs before the move has even been used!! There’s probably more wrong with this game than there is right! And I would buy incubators but I feel I’ve already put too much real money into this poorly made game. Hope for some serious fix’s


Just be careful not to play on Friday the 13 or while standing under a ladder or if a black cat crosses your path and you will be fine! :joy::joy::joy:


You guys should play a few times with each other, then we’ll have fun watching all of you complain all the matches you lost were rigged and the others you won due to your unmatched skill.


Batlle not just who stun a lot or who dogde a lot. It about strategy. I recent kill indom and stegod with only epic dino. I keep sacrifice 1 dino or 2 to make a comeback. Just know your dino and how to use it wisely


and dont look in the mirror you might break it😂


i took stegoceratops off of my team and its saved me lots of stress. i understand your frustration all i can say is keep trying. free incubators. one thing i do is ill click battle and if it doesnt switch to the arena screen within 5 to 10 seconds i press cancel. keep doing untill it starts quickly. the matchups seem real instead of bot.


Stegoceratops is so last year… Everyone swapped him out for a level 20 Stegodeus


I can’t understand that Instant charge have priority over other priority moves.
Utasino costed me few wins cause after first move instant charged before cloak. When you swap should be like that but not when you should make a move.

Also it’s funny that lower Indominus in fight between two Indominuses always win. It’s cloak(higher), cloak(lower), APR(higher) dodge and APR(lower) hit.


yeah, the computer ALWAYS stuns, and ALWAYS critical hits me to death, and NEVER gets stunned… and I NEVER get a critical (except when I do and one hit the opponents dino, but I don’t count that because I deserve that because… you know, different standards), and I NEVER stun-lock the computer (except when I’m playing those Strike Towers, but that doesn’t count because it isn’t the Battle Arena where I’m playing another HUMAN who I pretend is the computer that ALWAYS stuns and ALWAYS critical hits, despite that the logic should follow that it’s a human on that end that is apparently ALWAYS stunning and ALWAYS critical hitting, so that must mean that Ludia is out to get ME and ONLY ME with a bug inserted into the game to follow my game and taunt me with a 0% success rate). And I don’t understand probability, I think that if the attack has a 50% chance of something and I miss this turn, it should succeed the next turn… even though that is not how probability works.


Ok, I’m done being mean now.


i agree. cloak should work 50% of the time so in my logic, for atleast 1 turn. then allow rng to choose which turn. oh and psa: a lvl 23 utahraptor can one shot your indoraptor cloaked :expressionless:


For the Indo-rex, if you do the math, the chance of not getting hit through both turns is actually 33.3% which means the chance you will get hit at least once in cloak through the two moves is 66.6%. This would be over a long average of many, many battles. In the realm of 5 to 10 uses of cloak, 15% and 85% can happen. It’s all a flip of a coin. Heads, you dodge, Tails, you don’t. It is possible to toss 10 tails in a row.


How exactly is it 33% and not 25%?


It doesn’t. If you do an evasive stance with indoraptor or monominus for example it will work before instant charge. It makes sense : you do both a first attack class : the faster of you makes the first move. Logical.

That’s not how probability work


Thanks @jammco for saving me the trouble of saying all that. So tired of people who think they’ve been singled out.


60% of the time my RNG works every time!


It doesn’t work like that for in instant invincibility. I use raja and his instant shield always goes second to instant charges.


You demonstrated exactly what I just said…

Speed of rajakylosaurus ? 104. That means that almost every dino is faster than him so yes every instant move from other dino will go first (even allosinosaurus with 106 speed is faster so yes its instant invincibility will go before you eve have the chance to shield yourself)