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This game could use a park/collector score

Wouldn’t mind if this game had some kind of park score or collector score that was based off of your creatures in your park.

Assign some kind of value to different things, different levels, copies ect… and that goes towards your park/collection score. Then there would be a place to see your score and how you rank along with other players.

IDK, just a thought


Isn’t that just the beacon though? And a park score wouldn’t really matter unless there was some PvP element to this game, or where you could see other’s parks.


No beacon isn’t really even close to a park score for many reasons.

It would be nice to see others parks but not necessary, just seeing scores would be enough for me on a list. PvP has nothing to do with a park score either. Park score again would just be based off of your creature collection as I stated in the 1st post.

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The more dinosaurs you have (some needing to be at lvl 40), the higher-tier your beacon is…

Aka the Beacon. It seems like all that’s missing is an element to see other players’ “scores” compared to your own.

Sure, the Beacon isn’t perfect because a lot of dinos are not listed on it, but it does serve that function that you want it to.

The beacon does not really take into consideration what level you have most dinos and or how many of them you have. And as you pointed out some are not even on there.

Prime example, my game vs my daughters game. We are just about the same beacon wise but my lineup is far superior in every way. If there was a park score mine would be much higher than hers.

I don’t think it needs more explaining if you don’t get it you don’t get it.