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This game has become way too infuriating for me to enjoy it

How many times do I have to lose a battle and 40 trophies because of the game glitching in the arena. I just finished a battle where I was about to make the final hit to win and the game glitches out causing my Indominus Rex do do an APS instead of the APR that I selected on the only time my cloak has actually worked since 1.8 launched making my opponent win the match all because of this game’s everyday goal to ruin any chance of me progressing into lockdown and enjoying myself. @Ludia_Developers please correct this, it is an issue with the battle timer not properly working and attack icons not showing up/ not letting me interact with them while I watch my team get slaughtered by every level 21 tier 10 boosted team the arena has to throw at me (this is not the specific battle I’m talking about but this is an idea of what I have to go up against every day)


If you think thats bad, take a look at players up in lockwood, aviary, and the other ones above that



sadly they don’t care


They obviously don’t care. Very unfortunate.


The Pink screen really killed me in the last tourney.

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If it’s this bad in badlands (which at least lives up to it’s name) I can’t even imagine how much harder it is for people to get anywhere in the higher arenas


The pink screen followed by being booted from the match pretty much sums up this terrible bug filled game.

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In Aviary and Library is sometimes like this:


Here is my team

Had the bug you are talking about. Game just froze after I canceled call.

Im up in lockwood estate with nearly an entire team of uniques and not using DC, and im about to drop to jurassic ruin, if that gives you an insight

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I see you all posting pics of high level people in lower arenas. I just wanted to say it’s not their fault. It’s just that it doesn’t matter what their trophies are. They will continue to face the same people no matter what. I’ve seen this first hand. Over the last month I’ve been as low as 4600 and as high as 5900 (without the resets) with a full team of tier 6 boosted level 30’s.

That’s what I see in most battles… the pink flash- and usually when I get a decent match up, of course. Can’t even count the trophies lost. I get one at least every day, after finally getting a battle connection, usually.

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I’ve sent video in of the flashes and still no fix and they say they have no time estimate when it will be fixed! That’s frustrating! @TheNumenor

  • But I’m the end if your committed you’ll push through the rough times and prove to be a strong player ! @Hybrid_ext

Stay strong!
Kick some A

Dinolord :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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For some reason that only happens to me when I verse a miragaia

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What app or site is that?

Samsung game launcher.