This game has screwed me for the last time

I finally level up to 20 and I am willing to buy the level up offer and something glitch so I know no point in contacting support cause I will get the same bull that everyone gets! That when it’s gone there is nothing they can do! Well guess what ludia there is something I can do! Never make another purchase and cancel my vip! Guess what idiots I am a whale! So! For the cost of a glitched 49.00 pack that they say there is nothing they can do they are giving up around 200 a month!

Enjoy the loss!

I will enjoy the savings


Can you pass those savings on to me? I only want $100, so you’re saving $100 per month.


If you’re planning to give it to ludia no! If not perhaps we can work something out! :joy::joy:

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Nothing hurts Ludias quite like their own policies. Whoever decided making the offers go away forever if you dont purchase them right now… instead of you know like every other mobile game ive played when there accessible for 24 hours.

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@Rolybert Sold! :smile:

Pm me your bank info and all passwords and mothers maiden name and I will western union 1000 please send me back the other 900.

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This happened to me… at my own fault tho:
Forgot my password and lost the OTO

@Rolybert consider it a blessing in disguise tho bud. There seemed to be themed epic incubator + cash + coin offers more often lately and they have similar ingredients at the OTO.

I got the Halloween one for $50 after I missed my OTO and got the same amount of cash/coin but the added benefit of ferocious dinos instead of the usual trash.

I think these are better than the OTO since you at least have some idea of what DNA you may get

Are you that Nigerian Prince that emailed me a while back because I gave you access to my account but the funds never arrived

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Ya ya ya dat be me!

This was my fault also because I recently changed my iTunes password and it took me to the sign in page and basically canceled the purchase! I really wanted this one because at level 20 at least for now it’s the last one! I know I am better off buying the 7000 bucks and 250,000 coins and an epic or two! But you kind of work to level up and I always bought them!