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This game is a fraud!



This game is a total FRAUD! They make offers and NEVER make good on them. Dont waste your time or money on this game.

Contacted support over TWO weeks ago, and not only DID THEY NOT EVEN ADDRESS my issue, they just responded with a generic “sorry, you have connection issues” (which i dont). Ridiculously poor way to treat a monthly subscription Member.

I will NEVER SPEND ANOTHER DIME ON THIS FAKE-FALSE game and its lying, cheating practices.



Sadly you’re right. It’s a shame because this game had so much potential


I could see a dozen ways this game could go, but to say the app is glitchy would be a HUGE understatement, and support is essentially non-existant.


There is definitely no support. To be honest I don’t think they’ve ever actually read anything we say. They know the movies are popular so they put out a game, rip us off and know people will keep playing anyway so they sit back and rake in the money


I’ve ran out my house half naked to collect t-rex dna down my street. Love this game :sunglasses::ok_hand:t2:


Yeah, I don’t spend money on mobile games in general.
They all feel pretty scammy. At least any f2p ones.


Pretty simple. Never pay real money for these garbage p2w models. They are only thinking of money and how to attract certain people to spend more. They target specific players and call them “WHALES” it’s a term stolen from Vegas. The gaming industry is huge you cant keep the greed away just be smart about and voice your concerns. Protest, boycott, and dont be a whale!


Then how about you simply stop playing? No matter how much you whine there always going be people willing to pay. Welcome to mobile gaming.


Games usually go the way of the dollar


Uninstall then pretty simple


It not that simple, he has paid money for something that has not delivered. No company should get away with that however much you spend big or small.


@Kingkoffee eye roll all you haters can calm down and not play. Why would you be on the forums if it’s so obviously bad?


Wow, there are some simple minded people!

I play because i enjoy the game.

Im not whining about the game, or game mechanics. The complaint is that the game does NOT deliver on its promises. If you charge someone money, and then not deliver them what was agreed upon, then thats called fraud.

The post is to warn others NOT TO SPEND MONEY on a fraudulent game, (not to be troll-food).


Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! :sob:


I’ve never not had a good experience with Ludia 🤷

My 5yo son got a hold of my game while I was in the shower and bought $300 worth of in game purchases. I emailed Ludia support, and within a week I got a reply staying they are looking into the matter. Then another week, a reply staying they’ve granted the refund. Couple days later, refunded.


No wonder your team is so stacked! :face_with_raised_eyebrow::laughing::wink:


Why? They took the purchases back


Oh no way. Guess it’s all traceable.


I didn’t authorize the charge, so if course I wouldn’t use the stuff he bought. That wouldn’t be fair. Then anyone could spend money, use the stuff then cry wolf to get the money back. Good that they took back the resources.


The only money I spend is when I level up and get that one time offer deal thing lol :joy: everything else is spending five hours a night hunting.