This game is a joke now

Matchmaking doesn’t consider the amount if boosts that well still, too much rng, draco still not nerfed and the things that could possibly counter it (swap in distraction, swap in dodge/evasion, and swap in stun) are either put on useless dinos, risky, or both. In my personal opinion, ludia did an awful job trying to fix boosts and the matchmakig, its not even worth laughing at.


Watch out for tenontorex.

If the game is a joke, why am I not laughing?

Does that mean it’s not even a good joke?


The coming patch (1.8) will decide a lot of things for a lot of people who have hung on thus far. I hope the Developers realize this as well.

If there was ever a time for a “balance/bug fixing and needed features” patch, it is here and it is now.

If done right, the game could be in the best shape it’s ever been, as well as possibly getting back some of the people who left because of balance issues.

If done wrong, it could be game over. :neutral_face:


Perfectly stated @GorillaGlue :slightly_smiling_face:


They will not roll back boosts, they are unlikely to Nerf Thor or dracorex so as far as fixing the game goes good luck

Plot twist: Patch 1.8 brings just a new nerf to monomimus.


Why would they nerf Thor before at least 5 other dinos?

Yeah Monomimus nerf for sure, it’s needs it because it’s still got some hp left that they missed.


Stop playing and deactivate your account on this site then.


Right now 1 on the top complaints on this site is Thor because of boosts.

Then it’s a complaint about boosts as you say, not the dino itself.


hah… i remember the words “1.7 will be the deciding factor for many” now its 1.8… next 1.9

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Agreed, Thor was manageable before boosts came around.

If Im being honest it isnt boosts or draco or even matchmaking thats making me consider leaving, its the odd and noticeable shift in RNG. I had an opponents indo dodge 9 times in a game while mine went 0-2, next game opponents indo dodged 6 times (I run 2 nullifiers amd didnt pull either). I lose frequently to “ok, he has to hit me both times through cloak” or “his only chance is back to back crits”. there are a lot of ways the game just doesn’t feel fun anymore

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I played a team of all 30s yesterday and their win put them back in Aviary. In a way I was glad I lost because it was a win that person needed more than I did.


I think everyone is getting their teams to tier 4 & 5 with a few 6’s, maybe even 7’s so in many senses, the game is getting back to as though there are no boosts. The problem is if you want to replace one of your team with a new creature, it’s going to kill your team because you won’t have the boosts to get it up to at least tier 4.


I wouldn’t say it’s quite balancing out because there are still a number of people who focused heavily on one or two rather than spreading them out

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