This game is amazing, i mean honestly

So in a span of a few days we get

  1. An update that started before it’s scheduled time
  2. During maintenance to find out the new flock will be an event exclusive
  3. Nerfs to creatures that were not included in the patch notes
  4. Bugs allowing creatures to be abusive(Albertocevia)
  5. A “bug” that allowed us to collect 400 Daily DNA
  6. This excuse for a tournament that was improperly either listed or received

Only one of these has been resolved being the extra DNA surprisingly :roll_eyes:
Total compensation for the week? $100 in game cash and a bear we can now dart however he is useless without the deer which also happens to be an event exclusive :upside_down_face:
What’s more, before the update you could get the bear out of the battle 24 hour incubators anyway but you can’t get the deer from there :joy:


The biggest proof that JWA really is an amazing game is that most other games out there wouldn’t come close to last this long with the amount of screw ups they make :joy:


Can you imagine how awesome this game could be in the hands of a competent company? The mind boggles.


What dinos where nerf

Expect disappointment and you’ll never be disappointed……

  • Jam City / Ludia

The 400 dna is back :laughing:

If they keep the 400 dna i might consider doing the 1 campaign mission to get it lol

This looks even worse for them. Give 400, then take it away, only to go back and gove it again. Are we going to have to bully a company into doing the right thing liek the sonic fans bullied the studio to change thst aweful sonic cgi?

I had seen somewhere that it was coded as an intentional change but that could also been a mistake. Either way, the way the new exclusive was handled by dangling it in front of us then pulling it out just to then throw it straight in the market behind a paywall should speak way more in itself about this whole mess.

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It used to be a good game, but it isnt any longer.