This game is BROKEN to it's core!

Okay, so I don’t get the thing that I have one move to kill my opponent and win and that particular moment I get a time out screen!!!

Your battle timed out, either because you were inactive or because the battle duration was too long!!!

Who, ever told us that there is a battle duration???
That has happened 5 times to me and always when I am about to throw my last hit and win the game!!!

Also, I got two 8h incubators in a row!!

I wonder why I still play this game

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This battle timeout is complete bullcrap.

Some players intentionally play on timeout when they don’t have chances to win.
You have 15 minutes to win the match before timeout.

One of incubators was probably visual glitch and you got 3 hour one.

I get battle time outs but then again I keep getting disconnected from their servers 50 times a day…

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The only reason I’ve ever had battle time outs is because of Dig In. That move should have at least a one turn delay, considering it does 4 things at once (speed up, shield, cleanse and regenerate).

Then again, Cautious Strike exists…

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Disconnections are worse than ever for me too… But I think it’s possible to get two 8hrs in a row, rarely

And yeah, there are players using the timeout thing in their favor to avoid losses in tournaments, which is the most ridiculous thing right now… Wake the hell up Ludia!


This game has been broken since they implemented the stat boosts, with people buying those boosts, they dont have to spend as much time to maintain the game.

On top of that, they lied about how the stat boosts would only be “cosmetic”( i believe thats what they said yes?).

This game will stay broken as long as people spend money on the game, it happens all the time in the triple A and mobile gaming arenas


It didn’t turn into a 3h after all. Just vanished like I didn’t have to play 5 battles to get it :rage: