This game is dead

This game had enough problems already but after this update its really been hurt. Same thing every day. Nothing new to dart until you decide to come our with an update once a month (if we’re lucky), game breaking glitches, a boring and toxic battle system, and dinos that are super broken. Many of which tale lots of hard work to unlock only to get nerfed into oblivion. That is when you decide to actually nerf something to try and balance it. It gets tiring looking st the same arena scenery every day as you constantly lose because someone has more boosts on their team than you. And instead of addressing any of these issues, you give us mediocre compensation while you give your home page a makeover instead of doing anything about your dying game. If we want to try and make even a slight change we are greatly punished for it. You promised us a way to fix this yet continue to make us wait.


100% agree. I play very little nowadays.

I’m not motivated to hunt, or level up any dino.
Why? I just mean, Why?


ey dont say that


I think it’s true. It’s becoming hard to keep up.

In the immortal words of Dr Alan Grant “The Game is changing is rapidly and we are all trying to keep up”.


Not to mention all the matches that time out which basically says my time is not valuable


As long as they keep @Ned there’s still hope……


I bought this up in the pvp thread. In 13 battle attempts I had 9 time out last night. What happened to the ai? They were set too high in some arenas but at least it guaranteed a battle.

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Pvp is a joke and toxic where you get matched up against teams you have no chance against while they literally laugh at you (real fun for new players- you like scaring away any chance at a decent player base?), raids are like following a recipe if you’re lucky enough to get past the bugs to actually get people friended and get everyone into one, and if you’re a kid without a car, have fun seeing the same boring endless stream of creatures to dart over and over (trying to get my kids into the game, but they’re bored of grinding away in about 10 mins and switching to something else). People want fair matchups in pvp (tie arenas to a fair team strength measure, using gamepress tier lists, then tie matchups to arena-specific trophy counts within them), raids that you can figure out as you go instead of having to follow a recipe or spend 8 hours calculating everything in a spreadsheet, and interesting creatures to find and build and grow while exploring around you. So much potential here and so many things that are done well, but pvp is broken, raids are poorly designed and executed even more poorly, and entire game needs some maintenance releases just to address bugs and handle network issues better. I will say the game does a good job of keeping you from losing things you’ve earned or paid for so far (I quit PoGo over issues like that and came here, but more I play, more I see these glaring issues ruining my potential enjoyment of the game). We complain not to be critical, but because we see the possibilities…


It’s a tough job for the team at Ludia to keep everyone happy. I am far from being a Ludia apologist but I can clearly see things form both sides here.

On the one hand the game needs money to come in from the player base or it would stagnate and disappear. There are only two ways to do this - enforce loads of adverts on us or get players to spend to progress quicker. One could argue emotes could be purchased but that has limited appeal. And at least we get to choose if we want to watch adverts to speed up incubators.

One thing to remember is that the game has a huge amount of older players who really aren’t into the emotes, skins, or Fortnite type packs. They will however be happy to spend on dna, boosts, coins and things that will speed up progress. This keeps the game moving forwards with more new content etc….

So if pvp isn’t your thing we have the collecting dna, the alliances and discord activity, raids, or just general bashing out strike towers and fusing. Plenty of fun to be had for all types of player. The game is far from dead for players like me. I lead an alliance and have lots of friends who I can spend ages chatting with on our discord. I walk every day collecting dna, it staggers me how many players still request dracorex gen 2 dna when there is so much out there to farm!
I get frustrated as much as the next person with pvp but that’s only a small part of the game for me. I go through bouts of doing loads to times I may not do much at all. Having three accounts makes it hard at times, but never boring and dull.


I don’t know what you guys are talking about. I’m having a ton of fun


Whether you play to battle or hunt, can we just agree the game is slowly dying because of how many bugs just keep getting added every update with either slow response from the devs or just get outright ignored then we get forced to adapt to their mistakes


That’s a fair and valid point @Allo

Still nothing on the map issue with android 12

Still nothing on Morty not doing as it should with roar

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I woke up this morning with an update to Android on my phone. So far I haven’t been bouncing around the neighborhood. I haven’t gone out to see if it will follow me now as it’s below freezing and too much snow along the road.

The Android issue as I suspected wasn’t Ludia’s end as the problem started with the last Android update. I think they must have gotten massive complaints and fixed the problem.

I’m having alot of fun. It’s a great game!


The real problem is that ludia only is looking for money money money!
I play that game over a year now.
Since day one the matching in pvp was awful.
Ludia only did things for their money not for the players which are example: hybrids with exclusive dinos (fa arcto), change meta every update, no bugfixes in game crashes and failing raid lobbies and pvp lobbies and the worst thing is matching in pvp and tourneys.
BTW: Their change of tourneys is only for one thing.
Cause you usually have lvled up hybrids now you must lvl up non hybrids too.
They think they are smarter than players. :rofl:
For PVP matching:
Couldnt be more awful.
I am 6 months now in library and the matching got through the last update more worse than before.
Usually I was in mid library easily.
Now I get at 5100 cups opponents with lvl 30 maxed arctos, testas and so on which are obviously droppers.
As long as ludia doesnt really care about the players it will die out.
Especially droppers are known a long long long long long long time and what hey did? Nothing!
Thats for me the proof that they dont care.


I’m not quite sure how much money they make off of JWA currently, but don’t you think they would make more with a game that wasn’t broken?

I don’t understand how this lazyness is profitable enough for them.


What about the younger players who complain about the fact that they’re being matched with droppers miles ahead of them in progress and that are in arenas much higher than theirs? Do they just have to deal with the terrible matchmaking in this game and will constantly be forced to fight people who are in arenas like Library or Aviary whilst they’re in Ruins or Marshes? I’m having fun in the game myself, and I don’t intend on quitting, but I definitely agree with some of the people here, Ludia is truly making it a constant struggle for a lot of people in the playerbase. Powercreep, bugs, terrible matchmaking, etc.


Constantly facing droppers? I doubt that. That sort of thing happens, sure. Of what numbers are we talking here? 1 game out of 10 is like that, maybe less?

I seldom face droppers. Most the time, my matches are pretty even-Steven and it’s a matter of better strategy and creatures or RNG luck.

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since last patch i face them say 7 of 10 times …