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This game is designed to cheat


How can you game creators come down on people for cheating when your game is designed to cheat and give all the advantages to people who pay to win. The only time people are in they’re own arenas is when a tournament is happening. Any other time, higher level people stay in lower arenas to win constantly. And another thing. I worked my but off to get legendary creatures. Now that I finally have two, none of their abilities work for me. I’ll be damned, everytime I go up against an indominice rex they’re cloak works everytime. Yet now that I have one, my cloak never works. What is it? I guess I haven’t given you people enough money to be treated fairly. It doesn’t matter how far into arena seven I get in a day. The very next day I will continually lose every match until I’m pushed down to arena six. Then I’m allowed to fill my incubators. I’m tired of being canon fodder for pay to win jerks. You people who makes this game are the cheating jerks!!!

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So folks who pay are cheaters?

This place is nuts.


Dude, calm down! It’s ok! I have indominus and he fails me alot, but it’s ok. I’ve been playing awhile, and I havent made any purchases, cheats, just playing the game. Just because something is legendary doesnt mean it wins. I’ve used all legendarys once, and lost! Just shake it off, and go back in. Your luck might change! All dinos have counters! Just remember that all games are a challenge, and it’s hard to reach the end. But hope ur luck changes!


Ikr? Totally agree


I wonder what is the mean age of this place. The way people rant and complain without having a logical reason for it.

For tc, wait till your first unique get its ass whooped without even hitting once successfully. Indo vs stegod both evasion fail.


My Indoraptor got it’s rear end handed to it by a Paramoloch 4 levels lower than it. And I’ve made plenty of purchases. This game isn’t easy. If you want an easy game, go to the play store and search “kids games”.


Although I did my fair share of complaining about the Indo vs. Para incident. :rofl:


Did you play when the bots in the marshes were all level 30 epics? Yeah, ludia is the biggest cheater around, but when they do it, it’s ok.


My “complaints” only extend to receiving garbage from 24 hour epic incubators.

This is out of my jurisdiction :joy:


Ikr? I remember when I was scared to battle, because there was a chance that level 15 epics would come in on arena 4! So glad that update came…:smile:


while i enjoyed the entire post, i loved this sentence the most.


That is a proper rage rant! All the players in here pulling you up have all done it themselves! There is not one person here who has not screamed or moaned over it not going their way including myself. Remember it is a game and if you don’t get an incubator turn it off and come back when your cool. Trust me you soon realise it makes no odds. Rank 1, 2 and 3 onwards spend way too much time and money on this game just to make you envious of their level 30 ha! So what does it matter if you don’t get any extra stygy moloch gen2

We feel your pain and remember ludia wants you to spend dosh


Thanks everyone for the pep talk. But if this game wasn’t designed to cheat, then why is it that whenever there is no tournament going on, all the higher level people rush to the lower arenas so they can constantly win. I know this happens. Anytime a tournament is going on I stay in arena 7. Anytime there isn’t, I have to struggle to stay in arena 6.


I’ve been stuck in the marshes for months now, an although I get my butt kicked often, I e never come across lvl 30 epics, bot or otherwise.

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I guess my point is, there’s nothing stopping people from harassing lower players when there isn’t a tournament going on. Since it goes by battle trophies instead of player level, higher level players will always be able to cheat by just losing half a dozen times. Then they can rain down havoc without even trying. Not very fair to the people who cant afford to pay to win. This game really isn’t any better than EA’s battlefront 2. The game that’s been in the news because its makers care more about profit than giving the players a fair fun experience.


i’ve yet to see anything even tangentially related to cheating described here in this thread.


How about when I defeated 10 creatures for the daily incubator and you didn’t give it to me. How about the fact that you allow higher level players to lose on purpose when there is no tournament so they can harass lower players who cant afford to pay to win. This game is designed to cater to rich people only. That’s cheating when you care more about profit than your players enjoyment.


thats a bug
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that’s both subjective and not how words work

you have concerns, you have grievances, you even have points, but what you don’t have is a clear grasp on the word cheat, but thats ok, not everyone here is a native speaker.

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