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This game is getting boring for me

Is anyone else bored of the game? Because I am. Arenas for me have been ok recently, I haven’t had a 20 battle losing streak in at least a month so that’s good.
Strike events are dull and unchallenging, I just put in Erlidom and monostego and 1-shot the entire team. Even the epic ones are way too easy. Trials aren’t even trials anymore, they’re just strike events with hardly any challenge. The events the last few weeks have been really boring after that overwhelming 2-year anniversary. In fact I’ve just now been playing the game for a year.
My biggest issue is tournaments. Advantage tournaments straight up suck and I think we can all agree on that. I have almost no incentive to play those. Plus the last few skill tournaments have been rng messes. I love the concept of skill tournaments, but with epics you have to rely on crits, stuns and dodges. The legendary and epic tournament we just had was sooooo boring, it was full on indo g2 and procera, Entelomoth etc. the only skill tournaments that I actually like are the ones with only commons and the ones with uniques/legendaries, where there are actually proper counters for the broken dinos like indo g2 and Entelomoth.
Anyways I’ve been getting less and less incentive to play. Plus the jwa team has only released five creature families out of who knows how many, so my excitement for the game is really dying down. Progression feels impossible. Tournaments are unfair bc of levels or unfair bc of rng. Strike events are super bland. We need the summer update ASAP.
Update: the incubator we got in the mail gave me some some incredible epic dna. About 150 Gryposuchus and like 750 Kentrosaurus. Was able to level up Tryko and I got a 50 on Grypolyth and now I have it unlocked! Maybe Ludia saw how awful I’ve been perceiving the game and threw me a bone.


The game is getting boring for everyone eversince stat boosts came to the game. It has become so PTW. Not to mention those high alliance players have been massive whales and been blowing thousands and thousands of money in this game, I’m tired of it. The only thing that keeps me in this game are my friends and my alliance, I am very happy with my alliance and love talking with my buds, but the game has went downhill a lot. I don’t know what to say at this point, but I’m really hoping the 1.15 patch will be one of the best updates in JWA history (as it already sounds like it) but my patience for the game have become so small now. The release notes NEED to come ASAP. I’m dying to see them to see how charming the update is.


we all know this.

we’ve already told all this issues here before.

none has heard us.


Yep, the update will introduce a boost reset, the new co op mode and hopefully some decent new creatures.

I am finding that there is way more fun to be had from being actively involved in alliance tasks, and chatting with teammates, than simply using my best dinos on crappy trial events and strike towers to be honest.

I also swap my team around for the arena, having one account that is entirely unboosted.


Also, for advantage tourneys, they are fine as they are. But the boosts really have to go from them. I would love to have fun in the advantage tourneys, but with boosts. It’s very hard to have fun. I really think the best skill tourney is the common skill tourney since it doesn’t contain broken crap. The only commons that I can really find broken is Ophiacodon, with immunity, high damage and a 40% crit, I can sometimes hate Ophiacodon with a passion in terms of the skill tourneys. At this point, I find advantage tourneys PTW tourneys like the arena and skill tourneys like RNG tourneys. In the future, advantage tourneys will basically be skill tourneys since everyone would have their creatures maxed and boosted. Just relying on luck once again.


I’m on the 20 battle losing streak.
I pretty much stopped playing; the game has gotten tedious, frustrating and boring.


I feel much the same as you. Ive been playing since beginning 2 years ago. I have max dna in T-Rex (25.000+) and many other epic’s so im just going past them not even darting them. I remember in the beginning how exited i was when i found a T-Rex and really miss those times. The last couple of months the game have felt more like work than fun. Spinn the drops, do the strike events, make my “homework” (daily missions) and done for the day. Í have a full “dinodex” so no hunt for dna to evolve new ones and all my battleteam at level 30. I would love to see an increase in max level…that would bring the hunt for dna back in the game. And many more dinos…real dinos not turtles or ancient kows. Im VIP but never used real money to buy coins or packs or other stuff and i have 9.8 million coins so that tells a story about nothing to evolve/create too. I hope a new huge update will bring back the fun. All the lacking, zooming out of stuffs and lots of other bugs dosnt help…sometimes i wonder why im still playing…but for now i am.Thanks for bringing this up…i have been bored for a long time too


Yeah. And there are no green drops around me for miles. :roll_eyes:

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I’m so fed up with… the dreadful matchmaking, constant coming up against whales that over boost, darting the same 6 dinos over and over, grinding my heart out for rare/epic DNA just to get 10 on fusing, coming up against arena droppers, nothing being in range

I used to really enjoy playing this game but sadly it’s more out of habit than passion nowadays.

I hope the upcoming update shakes things up and makes the game fair and interesting.


Strikes aren’t challenging for you? Just use weaker dinos. For example, when there’s a team of lvl 6 creatures in a strike, use similar level dinos.


I agree that tournaments are bad right now. Advantage ones suck for obvious reasons, and they are almost impossible to repair. Skill ones just need many balancing changes, once they were great so they can be again

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I have also been playing for two years since launch. I thoroughly enjoy the game, warts and all, the only thing that sometimes hits me as boring now, is how I’ve got everything I want and hard it is get the rest.

I only collect the actual prehistoric creatures and I work to get them to 20th level, no further. So far I am down to just 4 creatures that I need to get to 20th. Trying to get those creatures’ DNA is a nightmare and a slog. I need woolly mammoth, eucladoceros, scutosaurus and arctops. Hunting is still part of the game that I do for the benefit of my Alliance, but I don’t see the things that I need. I have to resort to the sanctuaries which take forever. I love this game so much but the hassle of trying to complete these before the next update adds a few more does burn me out some days.

Ultimately though, you get out of this sort of game what you put into it. I work towards my specific goal because I’m a lifelong fan of dinosaurs. You just need to find that aspect that still keeps you coming back, whatever that may be. :slight_smile:


In order to keep this game interesting and fun, I set personal goals for myself. Getting a Dino to a certain level, completing the Dino dex, a lvl 30 of each rarity, etc. Now I find myself over leveling rares, epics and certain hybrids just for advantage tournaments. Boosts will always suck a lot of the fun out of this game for me, worst addition Ludia ever added and ruined the game to some degree. But there are still things to accomplish if you set your own goals, rather than trying to chase the players ahead of you (which will never happen unless you spend TONS of money on this game.)


I think I must’ve gotten bored long before most other people. My situation didn’t allow for much DNA collecting but I worked hard and had a ton of fun. Boosts came into the picture and as time went on everything got less and less interesting. I have come back several times, but now I think I have figured out. I just do whatever the missions call for and do minimal arena battling, there are some tournaments I really enjoyed but most of the time they’re meh. I still enjoy the game but I would prefer to go back to pre boost era.

I am actually going harder than I have in 8 months and getting close to 100% all creatures unlocked.


Its boring because there is nothing new. Boosts no boosts I would still be bored since its the same players with the same dinos in arena. Same alliance missions. Same whining on the forums. 1.15 will be a temporary spike of excitement then a return to the same grind.

Nothing has changed since 1.5. Same battle mode. Same PvP heavy emphasis. No amount of balancing or boost removal will change the fact that the game has always been PTW and a mess for players who need fresh things.

I play out of addiction and duty to my alliance. I see all the problems Ludia self inflicted trying to “make things fair” and those infuriate me much more than boosts and RNG. Whether is power based matchmaking or making it hard to grind boosts by changing a timer. These favoured the top players not the majority of players. It made the game more imbalanced and caused more damage than status quo.


I am curious about this? What notes have you seen? All I know about is boost reset - because of dino change, not boost changes. That and some kind of co-op mode. Would love to know if Ludia has made any other official announcements. I am actually hoping for very few new creatures, until they can fix other aspects of the game.

And I think the game would be more interesting without boosts @arugono, as I could play other dinos that I am not will to spend boosts on. But we both know that’s not going happen, so we’re kind of stuck. And yes, less reliance on PvP would be nice, since it is so broken right now.

Feel free to relieve yourself of the burden of playing :v:t2:

Yeah. And we haven’t really gotten that many new hybrids lately. And they’re all either broken or totally useless, which makes me want to use none of them. Like nemys is the last really balanced unique that was released, but it’s only balanced after like a bazillion adjustments.

It’s not a burden I just don’t find it as fun as I used to. Like I don’t get much actual enjoyment anymore

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Same team for all.
Trophy range: 5200-5300. Booooooring!