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This Game is getting depressing

I just had 5 characters go gray, one of them was Ana Samarine who I adore! And what’s worse, I am not getting new matches synced up so I am worried eventually everyone is going to go gray and I won’t have ANYONE to talk to. Anyone else experiencing this?

In case I misunderstood… If sadly what we experience is getting no content because all the matches are gray… yup, we have been like that for soooooooo loooong, and others have been even waiting more T_T. Sadly the company doesn’t care that much so they get some matches back with little new content… In my case I have all the available characters gone and now the game for me is having patience until every tuesday and thursday they decide to bring someone back >-<

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You did not misunderstand, that is exactly what I mean. And I just lost lost Sheng Zhao a couple of minutes ago. It’s like you level up to a certain point and then they decide well enough of that. I feel stupid putting a bunch of money into this game only for it to die on me.

We completely understand you… :frowning: We just hoping to get more content in the future or at least see the old matches come back… There are so many matches that have been gray for so many months that I don’t remember their story anymore lol

Ana is what broke me, she was one of the ai that slowly becomes sentient. It was so fun to watch her understand what it is to be human. The romance aspect aside, it was just a joy to watch this character blossom. And my thought is if they didn’t have enough content to launch the game, they should have waited.

I’ve been waiting for some characters to return since last summer.

The devs are very slow at updating the content. I’m sure that COVID hasn’t helped, if they are all working from home, etc. But it’s something we have all gotten used to.

I have actually started unmatched characters too. Just because I find the daily grind of trying to an extra 20 gems from characters who bore you, too much of a drag.

Hopefully, the planned updates mentioned in the survey means that they are planning to speed things up.

So wanting more stories for my greyed out characters. Some were okay but not that eager to continue like Kayla and Vitoria. Others I want more as I really enjoyed the content for Grace and now sad that Rose has just gone grey as of this morning. I have only a few left that aren’t grey and I’m not interested in the male characters.

Hopefully Lydia can give us an update on further content for those characters or new ones as there doesn’t appear to be as many female characters as males.