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This game is getting worse in every way

Arenas are an aggravating joke…weekend tournaments are so horrible it makes you wonder what they’re thinking…variety of dinos is very stale…no need to actually play, cuz it doesn’t matter anymore, just lose to someone who spent more money than you on boosts…this game is losing it on every end… and here comes the mammoth. Woo-hoo! A fun hybrid pursuit to get excited for! NOT! Like the Woolly Rhino, you can’t find it. Good for you that have found more than a couple, I’m stuck on lockdown and can’t get out like I used to. Therefore I guess I lose out. The variety of dinos to catch while on lockdown is ridiculously lame.
Communication with Ludia is, and has always been their biggest downfall.
Boosts, good golly don’t get me started. Speed boosts absolutely need to be gone, or used in a different way than the others. I am losing to levels 3 and 4 below me cuz of this. Beyond disgusted.
I’ve got one foot out the door on this failing game, hoping to find a spark to get me excited again


Well I’m sorry to tell you that surely the wait will be in vain. I have been in your situation for many months. Enjoying this game less every day and being about to quit every day. I stay because of the alliance and because this is my only game and I have promised myself that when I leave it I will not play any other. Hopefully in future versions Ludia will make the change of pace that we expect. Perhaps it is the moment of the superuniques, or at least of new very powerful uniques; or the moment the weekend championships are without boosts; or maybe the nerf moment has come to Yoshi, Indo2 and some other epic and legendary; Or maybe the time for the exclusive dinos to appear wild … but don’t be overconfident either, it’s more likely that criticality armor boosts will appear that further spoil the game, if that’s possible.


Relax, this game has reached its climax, just like what happened with the Daeodon, competitors will appear that will take Jurassic World Alive to extinction.

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Pretty much agree. I do my dailies and a bit more coz my alliance are a good group and I dont want to be a burden, but there is less and less worth actually doing. I dont do arena anymore if I can help it. I wouldnt do tourno if not for alliance. There is no point hunting as the last DNA I need is so rare it may as well be sanctuary exclusive. So my game is logging on every 3 hours to FIP, and that’s more like work than fun.

I get that all games have a shelf life with people, and I may be reaching mine, but what’s rage inducing is that it could be fairly easily fixed. Plenty of people on here have posted many different options, but I’ve got no belief anything will change.


I’m sorry to tell you, but I don’t have any hopes left at this point that Ludia will do something right. We have had many updates in the past and we have millions of requests, but Ludia didn’t listen. At this point I feel like many people are quitting the game now and then, I’ve been playing Titans Uprising for awhile now and I think this game is actually a good Ludia game. At this point, boosts won’t be going away. Although it’s a bad idea, Ludia may be adding armor and crit boosts into the game, I’m heavily against that because there is a limit on armor and crits while there is no limit for ATk, SPD, and HP. At this point, we should just leave the poorly made game and just play some actually well-made games such as Jurassic World Evolution, Jurassic World the Game, Rise of Berk, Titans Uprising, and Path of Titans.


I’m in the same great alliance as Jeff, and I have to say that much of what is being said is very much the case for me too. The alliance keeps me active and I still have a few dinos to complete my dinodex.

I started a new account a while back and said I wasn’t gonna use boosts on it. That account is in another great alliance and is at level 17 and in the Aviary with no boosts. That helped me keep interested too.

Both alliances are in the ARK a which is another reason to keep the momentum up. Check their discord out for more info and perhaps you or your alliance could benefit from that?


Precisely what you say is what hurts me the most personally, that it would not be difficult to keep many players excited. In my case, simply having useful dinosaurs to hunt and new uniques in which to hope to evolve would be enough. With that and the disappearance of epic and legendary pests in the arena, I would have enough. I could have fun hunting 80% of the time I played and battle the remaining 20% ​​without having to turn off the game every time I see certain creatures appear (yes, I look at you Indo2). Boosts could stay if that makes Ludia money but they shouldn’t be usable in weekend championships as they suck.

In fact, the previous version seemed to me the first positive in this line with the appearance of mammolania and new commons, rare and hunting epics. In addition, for the first time in time the number of legendary waiting hybrids was reduced (by 1). I only miss the expected nerf to be considered a good version … but the joy was short-lived. The last version was without any unique and with a new legendary without unique … and without nerfs.

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the game desperately needs quality of life improvements in order to keep players.

The arena needs to be less of an abomination. it was once my favorite part of the game. It had what pogo didn’t and that kept me entertained. Now it’s not worth the stress and effort.

Hunting needs a massive shake up. Zones need to drastically change, some exclusive dinos need to rotate to huntable. some of these huntable dinos can go into hibernation or get swapped into the arena incs.

Boosts are boosts. They aren’t going away, but they can at least be reworked in a way that doesn’t punish speedster dinos and doesn’t create abominations that destroy thier counters.

And as far as updates go, a massive creature rebalance and metta shake up. I’m talking fixing broken creatures, giving older creatures new life with new abilities/ mechanics, doing something to break up the immune metta (also just big damage metta). Introduce a great amount of new creatures. Bring back big diversity in teams. Something this massive should also come with a boost rollback for people to keep the good faith when 80%+ of the creatures are rebalanced.

Ludia hasn’t been doing enough to keep people engaged. small updates with very few creatures added and minimal creature changes. It doesn’t hold people long and they get bored. A big update (and i am talking massive in terms of the previous few) can get people back in the game and bring some life back in it.


I don’t mind the lack of new creatures in the updates per se. What I find frustrating is the “park only” or “exclusive” creatures. These two things are, for me personally, a key component on what is ruining the game. I’m sick of getting the same dinosaurs in my incubators. I’m tired of looking at my dinodex and seeing the last creatures I need are all locked by being exclusive or in the parks which I can’t access. Like @Qiew has said, there needs to be a massive shake up on hunting.

Boosts, of course, are a nuisance too. I still hold my belief that they could be great, but they need a rework. Too many dinos are practically being “locked out” of the arena due to how boosts work (speedsters, for instance, are particularly damaged). I also believe the immunities are starting to hurt the game as well, considering so many dinos rely on status effects to stay alive in the already nightmarish arena.

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Please come!

I try to make a new space for players who are tired of all those boosts!

I hope this will give you a spark! :black_heart:


While I agree that game had better days, I actually think it’s improving slowly again. Boosts almost ruined it and are still worst feature in game. Though they added some features that are good for game. They are trying to create creature to counter most problematic creatures.

They should focus more on hunting aspect of the game. It needs big changes and improvements.

On other hand matchmaking won’t change, no matter what they do, unless playerbase increases significantly. Top arenas has too low playerbase. When you include timezones its obvious there is not enough players online at any time for better matchmaking. Boycotting arena don’t help either.

Actually, it’s also our (players) fault partial, that arena is in state as it is. Large amount of players are casuals that want new “shiny” things periodically, to bring them back when their interest in game is falling. Many players just play arena, cause they want incubators. Majority of those fully boost few creatures for fast and easy wins, making experience worse for others.

With every update participating in arena require more thinking, more tactics. Some players just don’t have time or they just aren’t good in tactics. They just want battles to be simple.

Ludia decided to develop game for players that support them with spending money and those that likes to grind patiently. That of course don’t satisfy and motivate casual players. Thats why its hard to increase number of players to improve matchmaking, especially in top arenas.

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I agree hunting needs a good rework, something like @Qiew says earlier would work well, but matchmaking is a pretty straightforward fix too: scrap boosts and an upper arena. Ideally let the AI give trophies as well. There probably needs a creature rebalancing, but there is no point whilst boosts exist. I do quite like the idea of limiting uniques to the upper arenas, but appreciate that might be a bit more controversial. :grinning:

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One of the bigger problems… amongst others mentioned here is successful games that tend to be grind heavy. Make it easier for new players to grind up… this is an essiental part of any type of grind heavy competitive game. You lose some of your top players through normal attrition… you lose some everywhere but it hurts the most at the top because by maintaining “the grind” there is less and less people to fill those gaps at the top.

And while its easy to look at everything thats been added and say look at how much easier it is for new players cause they have added so much. Its nowhere near enough… and im not talking about free incubators here… that stuff is mostly junk anyway. Im talking targeted dna earned through gameplay that allows one to actually strengthen their team. Because the only players their retaining right now are the casuals that dont care if they ever hit the top.

Ludia cant seriously think they’re able to grow their player base with a design that a) takes months/years of grinding b) a healthy chunk of money for boosts c) wait and prey the events being ran give you the chance to obtain enough exclusive dna so you can actually field a top team.

Keeping the grind “exactly as is” ensures match making will get worse, time to find an opponent will increase. Revenue will continue to drop so updates will continue to get smaller. Its not the most popular thing to do among your top players… but there is a reason games do this.


For a game it’s quite an effort to keep up with…

Need to hunt (even during lockdown apparently)
Need to battle (at least 12 a day)
Need to improve your creature levels while getting less and less resources to do so
Need to find (OR EVEN BUY) all the new creatures that get introduced
Need to FIP
Need to spin supplydrops
Need to do striketowers (now more than ever since most hybrid ingredients are unfindable)
Need to participate in the tournament
Need to do the alliance missions
Need to do the daily missions
Need to collect and start your incubators every 3-8 hours
Need to plan when to open daily battle incs and regular PvP incubators

And if you run an alliance add to that:
Need to accept, welcome and inform new members
Need to check progress of your members
Need to keep track of mission progress
Need to figure out who’s active and who’s not (even with trophies all at 0, last online not working after a battle and donations being untraceable and a bugged chat)

And if you’re running an alliance with 1 or more lvl 20 sancs:
Need to communicate with other alliances about the strategy
Need to communicate with your members about strategy
Need to keep track of opening spots
Need to keep track of unauthorised placements

I mean… seriously :thinking: :woman_shrugging:t3:


Poezzie you’ve hit the nail on the head with that post!

A game is meant to be played for fun, and although so many of the things that have been added were designed to enhance the experience, they serve to make it hard work when you add them all up.

I could never run an alliance, I don’t have the patience nor the organisation skills. And having seen how much work it takes to build level 20 sanctuaries with ARK I take my hat off to all those who willingly undertake that task.


One of the key things I looked for in an alliance is strong leadership that actually enjoys that stuff.
Once that is handled, I can focus on what I find fun in the game.
To me all that logistic stuff aint it.

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Exactly, you have said it perfectly !!! I started playing this game because I liked to go find dinosaurs and hunt them down !!!
At that time (since June 2018), I have only been able to obtain DNA in three ways

  1. hunting
  2. struggling to open incubators
  3. With the weekly green towers

There was nothing else it does. Hunt, battle, collect supplies from green and orange towers and open battle incubators. Well, there were also the incubators every 6 hours but they did not give much DNA and tickets either. If at any time you couldn’t play, nothing happened either.

In addition there were two very important things:

  1. Almost all the DNA you were finding was useful
  2. You had a feeling of evolving in the game, each level step was an adrenaline rush plus attached to the light adrenaline rush of getting a new dinosaur or evolving it.

Simple and fun and I could still be like that with more levels, new dinosaurs etc … but what is my reality now

  1. It’s been a year and a half since I reached level 20, the maximum
  2. My team is made up of the same 8 creatures boosted for months. Actually, 7 of the 8 creatures have been the same for more than 6 months.
  3. I can only upgrade those creatures with boosts (not fun)
  4. Almost nothing I can hunt serves to improve my team (not fun)
  5. The DNA I need to have a minimal option of creating a new creature more powerful than the ones I already have is
    5.a) Go every three hours to the sanctuary (boring)
    5.b) ask for it in my alliance (boring)
    5.c) that DNA is an alliance reward (boring)
    5.c) Buy it (boring)

Bored and each time, as it was said, with more boring “obligations” when I think that all we like most is hunting and fighting. It’s that simple.

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I’ve always enjoyed doing it but I must say it’s slowly consuming more and more time. Now as a leader you’ll always adjust because you feel responsible for your alliance and it’s members but it’s truly becoming more like a job which isn’t convenient if you already have one that actually pays ;-).

Luckily I’ve always had stunning members who, way before officers and co-leaders were introduced, assisted me with a lot of the tasks (such as keeping the ones holding alliance rewards posted on the progress or managing the sanctuary strategy)but still… it’s a lot of work and planning.

Also the fact that you have to convince people to download another app just so you’re able to communicate properly isn’t helping much.

As said it’s quite an effort for a game :sweat_smile:

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The problem is Ludia has made a lot.of good things but like their game lacks security features and Sancs can be raided. Alliances can be treated as free sources of DNA. Freeloading is a permanent problem.

My alliance coop just did a 3rd lvl 20 sanc because Ludia sold FIT items. We have a good thing going with our small coop which is nothing as good as ARK but it works.

Ludia has dug its own grave and nothing they do can undo the damage. Even if they removed boosts, it wouldnt make the game last longer. The sheer backlash regardless of the compensation will kill the game immediately.


I would say the game is not getting better. Worse is inevitable since its Lockdown across the world so the same things will repeat week on week. Whether alliance missions, events or just spawns. Some players will just find their own enjoyment via dropping or playing themed dinos. That affects the joy of others.

Boosts are the source of a lot of bad decisions but alone arent that bad. Ludia seems to think that farming for boosts is a bad thing and players must battle other players.

I am close to quitting the game not because of boosts but because I do not enjoy the end game arena.