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This game is killing my phone

so i use to play this game alot and i took a break of about a year, ive come back and re downloaded the app and oh my gosh is it laggy…
and i know its not my phone as ive never had this with any other game.

is anyone else experiencing how bad it is?
like someone can call me whilst im playing the game and its a sure fire thing that the phone call interrupting the game will just crash everything.
even just pulling down the notification tab from the top of the phone makes it stutter like arkwright on heat (one for the older players there).

if others are experiencing this has it been like this for a long time? as ive only just come back i dont know and im wondering is it worth persisting with the game (i wont even mention the battery usage of the game haha)

thanks guys


Yes, since it came out it became a lot worse. Some of it because of bugs, other parts are just developers not taking time to optimise anything.


My Nokia 6.1 has been having trouble with the game recently, so much so that I’ve had to resort to playing more on my iPad.
Everything takes ages to load, and it can get real laggy sometimes.

My Galaxy S7 gets HOT if I play while charging.
I play long periods of time so it’s a necessity. Every other day the phone will overheat send a message that it has to close the app in a minute, and every 6 months the battey bloats and I have to replace it.
If there’s an android phone out there that can handle dual playing this and pogo while plugged in I’m going to get it.

I’m fairly happen with my mid range Galaxy A50. It can get a bit hot when I have the game open for 3 straight hours but that’s kinda normal when the GPU is operating on full speed. I think without charging it lasts for about 5-6 hours playing.
It’s still laggy in many ways but that’s not really the phone’s fault.

I used to have an iPhone 6s, that got drained in an hour.


well im glad to see im not the only one having trouble…
i have a galaxy note 10+ so i know its nothing to do with my phone, but its getting to the point where its just not worth it.
i have my phone plugged in at my desk and opening a giga scent and just leaving it to see if anything good appears, but if anything good appears the odds i can even click on it to catch it is 50/50 as it just lags.
the game use to run so smoothly when i played it in like late 2018 i think or early 2019

Thanks man!
Beats the S7 hands down for a budget phone and I wont have to spend an arm and a leg.
I expected the specs to suck but 14nm vs 10nm should make a huge difference in heat output.
How fast does it charge while plugged in?
Can it keep up without Quick Charge 2.0?
If so I’m buying this sucker as soon as this battery dies.

Well I’m not sure it’s the best option right now but it’s a nice phone for my needs. I have no idea how fast it charges, I usually do that at night and when it’s depleted during daytime it’s to a fairly high level again in like an hour or so. Maybe best to check some comparisons about that.
It’s not super duper fast though, there’s still some lag while travelling for example. All in all it’s solid in gaming performance.
It doesn’t have any physical buttons on the front, I had to get used to that.

On my iPhone 7+, mine runs super smooth on my end. My restarts and lag are all glitchy cause of the game

My Nokia 8 Sirocco also gets quite hot if I play for quite a while, it gets even hotter whilst charging. Sometimes get a lovely drop in FPS too, probably due to the heat. My old Nokia 8 used to run it fine back in the early days, but over time it started to suffer as more and more bugs were seemingly left unfixed.

Anyone has tried on a tablet? I’ve tried couple and the game looks awful.

I have a Galaxy Note 8. Most of time the game runs smoothly, although I noticed that new permian creatures make my phone hot, sometimes causing fps drops

I’m not an expert but S7 seems to be way better than A50 in terms of performance

3d rendering power isn’t the problem though.

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Every phone out there can run JWA pretty much.
I’m looking for an Android phone that wont melt with 8 hours of straight dual running of Pogo and JWA while plugged in. I’ll easily take a hit in game performance honestly.
If anything that chart tells me it most likely running cooler than my S7.

Temperature wise the smaller nanometer CPU/GPUs are indeed a better choice :slight_smile:
Any battery will get worse over time though, it can start to degrade as fast as 6 months after purchasing, especially when it’s used a lot by heavy games like JWA.

I have a Galaxy S10 that I upgraded to back in February of this year just because it would run JWA better than my old Galaxy which was rather entry level.

I’ve noticed no lag at all since using the new phone so i wonder whether it’s something with older models?

It does tend to heat up but it does that when i run any program for long enough. Plus the battery does not last anywhere near as long playing JWA as my old phone did. That used to handle four hours of constant play without a 75% usage of battery (so I always carried a portable charger pack). My current S10 only seems to like about two and a half hours of constant play before it has used the same amount of battery.

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Yes, my Galaxy S8 gets very hot when playing and the darting can get pretty terrible. Nothing worse than going after that Legendary and having the drone stick and go flying past the target. Happens a lot since the last couple of updates. I don’t even bother to report issues anymore as they never seem to fix them. It is what it is and expecting them to fix bugs is a wasted effort at this point IMHO.


Ludia: Upgrade yo phone, you NOOB

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Same, and try clicking on a dino as you’re moving or spinning supply drops? Good luuuuck

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