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This game is not fair


Can anyone tell me how an indom at level 18 hits with his top power strick and only made 1470 health off a no shield dino my oponant then uses his indom level 18 and gets 5240. No shield or counter move was used


Did you have cloak up? Without cloak, APR only deals double damage. And your opponent sounds like they crit with APR while they had cloak up. I’m pretty sure your opponent’s damage is possible, but if you had already used cloak beforehand, you wouldn’t be doing max damage with I-Rex.

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What @ImpossibleMephit said!

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The only thing that confuses me is the 1470. Maybe you got the number mistaken. But a lvl 18 does 863 dmg, so its top strike (minus cloak) should do x2 863.

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You know, it’s been so long since my I-Rex was at level 18 that I didn’t think twice about the damage… Maybe they actually used API? But that isn’t her best attack…

Edit: Nope, just did the math, and I-Rex shouldn’t have been doing 1.4k under any circumstances at level 18…



Should’ve been 5178, not 5240

Base damage is 863. Armor piercing rampage then does 1726 damage.

But cloak multiplies that damage by 2 - and 1726 * 2 = 3452.

And Indominus Rex has a 20% chance to critically hit. When a critical hit occurs, you do 1.5x as much damage. If a critical hit occurs after a cloak - you do 3452 * 1.5 = 5178 damage.

That’s how.

Plenty of ways to defend against this. Use any dinosaur with a shield, and that damage drops from 3452 to 1726. Or from 5178 to 2589.

A shielding tank around the same level should at least survive the blow.

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It was Indominus… Indom has Immunity… Distraction is a mute point…


Indeed, level 18 should have told me that we weren’t talking about Indo.

With rampant poor spelling and shortening of names on this forum, it’s easy to get confused which creature someone is discussing. Not saying that about the OP, just the forum in general.

That said, if the conditions were as described, attack should have been 1720.
5160 for opponent crit after cloak.

860 @ 18