This game is not so newbie friendly


Why not make 2 tournaments? One is unlimited with better reward. The other one is similar to friendly battle, same level but limited to your collection. At the beginning of the season, one can choose which to attend. The situation right now is like higher than level 10 can dart more as you level up, while people with lower than 10 level can only dart 0!

I feel sorry for those ones who did not get any reward from tournament when I got mine. They should at least have something to attend and have a chance to accumulate their power so that they may be envolved in the unlimited tournament in the furture.


I for one am glad I won’t be in the next tournament. Last one was painful trying to get incubators.


I don’t think this is possibile right now, because in this moment there is not so much people and the queue for a battle would last for minutes… making people upset.

Also, what about if I choose to fight on the tournament without rewards and then, opened a 24h free incub i am able to create my stegodeo who would bring me up in the real tournament?

I think the things are ok like this. If I don’t want to rush to go up, I will go down and keeping open incubators in arena 6 or 5, until I can create or upgrade my dinos.

The people who are playing this game since launch climb fast until Sorna, but now also the new players can climb faster in this arena, so we are all here…


This isn’t quite the good ole multiplayer online role playing game. In those games, it’s a lot of fun when the game just starts and there are tons of players to grow with. If you enter a matured game as a newbie it seems empty of players because everyone is way up high and playing in areas inaccessible to new players. It’s hard to find anyone to play with or group with.

This is a bit different but as this game matures, will there be enough new players to play against each other? I don’t know. They may have to revert to bots again. I don’t see this as really mature just yet. It still a beta game full of bugs in my eyes.

They way they have it, you have to have been playing from near beginning to make it to some reward in tournaments. There is a way to make winning possible for all levels of players but I doubt they will do it. (The tournaments should be a separate arena. Your pitted against a team based on highest team level dino’s. Winning say 6 to 10 battles in a row gives you a grand prize with 2nd and 3rd place prizes) This way every level of player has a chance to win in a tournament. This way players can set up teams of any level and play. All you have to do is win 6 to 10 strait battles. They could have a tournament every week.

As it is now, if your a newbie, don’t expect tournament prizes for months as you hope the people at the top get bored and quit playing as you level up and grow a strong dino team.


When would a newbie ever be able to place high in a tournament? I’m not just talking about JWA, I mean in anything. Maybe if it was a dice rolling tournament or something like that because it’s all luck. But how would a newbie expect to just start playing and immediately get prizes? It should take months to earn tournament prizes because that’s how long some of us have been at it.