This game is now broken

After the maintenance when i try to open to game it just stays on the loading screen with bumpy and doesn’t open it


Yea i cant either

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Same, @Keith can you help?

Rebooted my iPad, looks like game is still in maintenance break…

It’s clearly still under maintenance

I think just one more hour

Maintenance is still ongoing, no eta yet for when it is completed.


Maintenance is now over. I guess I spoke too soon :slight_smile:


Why is my game still under maintenance

Also I haven’t received my 500DB and Loyalty points for some reason

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Hey everyone, the game is currently under maintenance again. :wrench:


It’s fine cause its at night for me

Any ideas on how long the second round of maintenance is going to take? Sure has been a lot of maintenance going on recently… Maybe maintenance as a way of saying we’re trying to fix what is broken?

Ludia: Take 6 hours, maybe 8. 12 hours later…

And we all will not notice at all any fixes or improvements or have you ever? This game is several years old and crashes get even worse. We still lose everything when the game crashes in fake pvp and the support still tries to explain that pvp is real. Honestly, I love dinosaur and the way I can act with them here, but I never experienced a game where I am put a fool so hard by developers and “suppport”…

Mine got deleted after the server error. Please send us them again Ludia.

Hi there Zero. Please consider reaching out to our team at with your support key included. They’ll be able to take a look. Thanks!

Thanks for getting back to me. It’s all fixed now. Your support is excellent.



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Hey Dinosaur trainers, a small update regarding yesterday’s maintenance from Keith:

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My game won’t load.