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This game is so imbalanced

This new update said they were trying to balance out the creatures even before the update hybrids which I like to call mutant monsters were over powered. Now after the update they took away all the good abilities of certain normal creatures and really made the hybrids mutant monsters over powered it is ridiculous


Actually, this is probably more balanced than last patch, although speedsters need a massive improvement


It’s much more balanced. It’s still far from perfect but much better than 1.14


Maybe even close to 1.8

I think if they toned down how many creatures had access to resilient moves we’d be in a pretty good place.


I feel like the resilient moves keep the potentially op dinos in check. So now, you have to think about when to play a special dino that has some ability that previously would be a win condition. I think resilient moves are fine but some dinos that heavily rely on their special abilities should get a bump in other areas because of them becoming somewhat useless a little to easy. Make it harder for them to set up the win conditions, but don’t make the dino useless because of it.

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@David_Clark1, we just went from a period of having 60% of all creatures unusable to a point where most of them are pretty good. Sure, Resilient moves are probably way too common, and hopefully that will be fixed soon, but you have to know the full context before just saying that the whole game is unbalanced based on a few creatures that you like/use.


It was hard enough before to play the game without using hybrid mutants now it’s almost impossible that’s all I’m saying

That’s kind of the point. You’re supposed to use them, if you want to earn DNA to unlock more “hybrid mutants”.
If you don’t care about unlocking the “hybrid mutants”, then you’ll probably do fine in the lower arenas.

Besides, there’s always non-hybrid tournaments.


That’s not entirely true you’re not supposed to use them that’s just a small part of the game but now they’re making it the whole point of the game

But I understand if that’s what you like to do. There are others like me that just like using real creatures but they make it harder and harder to do so just about all of the hybrids ROP if you look at them compared to regular creatures

Its always been a part of the game to have Hybrids as Endgame dinos. Its only logical to do so for a game to give you a goal. Having hybrids be significantly better and stronger is also logical since its literally a combination of 2 dinos/creatures. If you dont want to get any hybrids, then dont. That adds more excitement in the arena. But dont say that just because hybrids are strong its infringing your right to use Non-hybrids.

2.0 just released yesterday, it’s too early to judge the balance.
Hybrids are generally stronger since they cross the borders between three archtypes cunning/resilient/fierce.

I didn’t say it infringed on my rights , that’s weird statement. I’m just saying it makes it even more harder now and since that’s the goal for some of us to use regular creatures it takes a little bit more fun out of the game .

I really feel like all the variety is gone, all the creatures have either resilient strike or cunning strike and it’s kinda boring…


I also agree with that

Yup, the last statement was a bit unclear/weird, what I meant was just because hybrids strong doesnt mean it should stop you from using non-hybrids. You just have to accept that hybrids are almost always way better/stronger than non-hybrids because thats the purpose of them, to move past using non-hybrids to using hybrids to advance in the Arena. Kudos if you dont use hybrids, but its just illogical for Ludia to make Hybrids on par with Non-Hybrids. It just doesnt work that way

Granted I understand hybrids are gonna be more powerful but it seems like it’s just five hybrids that are the most powerful. And I see them all the time when I’m in the arena it gets frustrating.

Thats why its up to people who are creative and wanna try dif. strats/non-meta dinos to spice up the arena

Give ya an example
Indoraptor g2
Lost his 3 turn speed
Lost his 2x dmg attack
Lost its defence shattering
90% of creatures now slow, cleanse distraction, nulify evasion.
Soo his 1st, 3rd and 4th ability are useless.