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This game is so unfair for me


well… I knew that already.

but this week, I realized my luck is even worse
than I thought.

everyone will know, but sino’s global spawn
event started few days ago.

I didn’t even found one of them.

I traveled for few hours for it(even local 1),
but nothing was there.

absolutely rubbish.

I’m still riding my bike around
like a goddamn mad man…
but still, no sino.

I love this game, but also hate that.


Unless it appears as a dinosaur of the week I never see them in the wild and even though they are supposed to be out there now I still haven’t seen one.


I’ve only seen 2, and 1 was unreachable…they need to make it more frequent, cuz I need to finish getting my Allo up to lvl 20 to start on my Thor


Are you looking in Zone 1? I see them pretty much every week.

Maybe try running an Epic Scent - especially at this time while this event is running - even outside of Zone 1 and see what happens.

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Sinoceratops might as well be a unicorn at this point. A very chubby and adorable green unicorn. And I’ve yet to see one in the wild that wasn’t part of an event.


I did that on local 4 while I was walking, so 19 dinos popped. 2 epics, ankylosaurus and … koolasuchus…

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I found one sino few hours ago…
but my frostbitten fingers never worked well for it.

and sino is hard to dart.

darting sino was easy before the last update
(in 1.4 version), but now it’s not!

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ankylo is good, and crap-like koolasuchus
will get a new hybrid soon(or it’s gen2 ver).

but NO siNO?
it’s bad.

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Yeah ankylo is always nice to find. Hopefully the hybrid will be useful ^^ but only 2 epics from epic scent is really sad.

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I’m not sure my town has a zone 1. T Rex used to appear relatively frequently anyway but now no chance.


If your town has a gas station you can atleast try for the nest spawn… its really rare as a nest spawn tjough


I was out most of the day yesterday looking for Sino’s and only spotted one which was on a private road. So it’s not bad luck, just bad programming. Maybe Ludia will read this discussion and stop promoting events that disappoint their players.


Just a few minutes ago. This is Local 2.

But I can’t go to dart it as I am working.


This happens to me ALL THE TIME.

Much sadface.


My 4th this week and first in L1. No scent for any. I am lucky if I see 1 of these a month so they are a bit more common this week for me anyway.


Crit, stun, swap in invincible, crit, stun, swap in invincible.

That’s all the game really is any more.

Crits and stuns regardless of percentage shown for the dino are usually much much higher. It’s ridiculous. Doesn’t matter if it’s someone doing it to me and me you someone else, crits and stun percentages simply are not what they are stated.

75% stun? Bull. It’s usually closer to 98%. It’s rare I don’t get stuns and crits are pretty common too.

Matchmaking is rubbish too and broken because of crits and stuns being out of control, as well as swap in invisibility or stun.