This game is the most miserable excuse for a game that I’ve seen in a long time


This is unexceptabal that they ludia released a game that shouldn’t even have left alpha. This I a disgrace to the jurrasic franchise and the other jurrasic games made buy the same company ludia. It’s a shamless cash grab, it has so many bugs that should have been hot fixed in the first week. Did they even test the game before release? It’s missing the most simple quality of life things like a concede button and not having to restart the app because of a low battery warning. This game has more luck involved than clash royale, the game that they shamelessly ripped of. the battle arena might as well be a reskin. Incubators are just chests but even more of a scam. In clash you pay about 20 dollars and get a garantied legendary here they charge 50 but they have the audacity to just give you a chance of getting something good. Given the battle system is diffrent. But I’d rather have it be strategy and skill based instead of 80% luck based. The amount of dna and gold is way to low in everything. You could play years before you get a unique, they might as well just make them cost 100 dollars. Balance doesn’t exist in this game some dino’s are untouchable gods that destroy everything in there path while others are unusable garbage that’s pointless and you might as well throw away darts. And I just feel bad for people that don’t live in cities. Last thing why are there dinosaurs that only show up in particular regions of the world that’s bad game design expecting someone to fly to another country because they can’t get them where they live. This game had a lot of potential but you had to screw it up I mean jurrasic park builder and jurrasic world the game have a balance between a cash grab and a game plus the devs are always trying or have tried to improve the game but sadly none of that is here. I will give that the dinosaur models do look pretty good for a mobile game, that’s something I guess


Agreeing with everything that you have said. I believe both Google and Apple also have a responability to stop this from showing in the app store. And itunes.

Anyone hear the story about a mans son who accidently made £4000 worth of transactions using his dads phone after downloading the game. Apple had agreed to refund this back to the man.


If you are unhappy, you are free to delete the App and stop using it.

  1. It’s hard to make every dinosaur equal for PVP and it wouldn’t be fair if some easy to get Commons could compete with much higher rarities.

  2. Most AR games have the city problem … just think about PoGO and the community there complaining about it for years.

  3. Some Pokémon are regional, but which dinosaurs are? Can’t find any I haven’t been able to get, even if some were just from Arena Incubators.


Number 1 I never said that a common shouldn’t be able to compete with higher rarities, velociraptor basically dominates any other dinosaur. While others are unusable because there so bad and they don’t even have hybrids.
Secondly just because other games share the problem doesn’t justify it. They could fix it but they choose not to.
Thirdly most people including me that have been playing since launch haven’t seen 15 or more dinosaurs. If you have them all you either have unbelievable luck or just spent a lot of money.


Nah, I don’t buy Incubators for Cash. Maybe you are just living somewhere bad. Here in an average city in Germany there are dinosaurs everywhere and high rarity ones often and it’s just awesome.

But I’m outside walking through different areas for multiple hours every day, day and night, so I encounter almost everything possible of course.


Velociraptor does seem to dominate many arena battles, it’s true. Part of that if players not understanding that there can definitely be strategy to the game and just throw slower dinosaurs at them. As of today, things will get worse on that end before they get better.

I’ll agree, the pricing in this (and other mobile games) is high to the point of lunacy.

Balance exists through rigorous testing. Every multiplayer game gets tweaked after release; there’s only so much testing you can do in-house. Here’s hoping they’re doing what they need to to patch the game sometime soon for balance.

Now, as for the style of game and where people live, there’s nothing to fix in that regard: that’s just the type of game it is. You don’t change Mortal Kombat into an RPG to suit a few peoples’ tastes, and this game is one based entirely on where you live and where you physically move. Now, it is true that there are regions in which dinosaurs will spawn differently, but they are all relatively local. Nobody has to fly to another country; that’s just being extreme. But some of us don’t go far enough regularly to run into some species.


The game is still new and hopefully will be updated for a more balanced meta gradually (like clash royale) based on feedbacks by players.
As for spawns, even PoGo started with region lock Pokemons and city-based spawn locations and gradually extends or shift spawn locations and rotate the regional Pokes…


Im not sure there are regional spawns. Where did you read that or are you assuming it because you haven’t seem them all yet?

Agreed on the incubator sales - much more transparency is needed in their contents and their odds.

  1. That might be the case for you, but not for many people. There are 4 groups of “local spawns” and many people never get the chance of seeing some of those groups. I am one of them. I live in a normal city, not too small, but only 2 of the 4 groups spawn so there are like 10 dinosaurs that never have the chance to spawn anywhere near me.


Dilophosaurus, Suchomimus, Parasaurolophus, Ankylosaurus, and a handful of others I have only seen while making trips to a neighbouring city. However, I live in Vancouver BC, so our four or five neighbouring cities are conjoined so there’s little enough travel time between them. Doesn’t stop them from being out of the way, though


Trips to a different city I can believe.

When I read regional spawns though I was thinking like Pokemon Go where theres a European, North American, South American and Australasian exclusive (I think).

I don’t think there’s anything like that in JW:A though.


Took me forever to figure out where all the Tarbos were hiding here (I had to go all the way downtown, which is an enclave for Tarbos and Suchomimus, but well outside my usual hunting area).

The placement seems to be wrong somehow. At night, we get lots of majungas and allos, maybe a Rex or Rex2… Lots of raptors, and every now and then a gorgo, but no Tarbos on my end of town.

Parks are pretty spread out here, so the closest one to me falls just outside my normal hunting zone. I’ve been there once, and nailed myself an Apatosaur, but it’s known as a pretty dangerous area at night, so I don’t usually head off in that direction.

I guess it’s the randomness of the spawns themselves, or a glitch that makes certain species cluster in one area. You just have to explore once in a while, I guess.


Yeah, that’s what I mean when talking about regiolocked dinosaurs as well. Don’t think there are any like that.


Unrelated: every time I read one of your posts, it’s in Chris Pratt’s voice. I can’t tell if I like it or not, but I am mildly disconcerted. :stuck_out_tongue:


OMG, now I’m going to start reading them back to myself in his voice lol