This game is way too based on luck


This game is full of luck-based mechanics such as critical strike, stun chance, dodge chance etc.

It really isn’t fun when you’re winning a game and your opponent gets a lucky crit and wins due to pure luck and not skill

Does anyone else feel the same way?


Get lvl 26 and unique Dinos. After that you will be #1.


Lol!! I.e… buy your luck or wait it out with graft :wink:


I’ve had battles where nothing goes my way and others where I feel sorry for my opponent when I’m get stun after stun (for example). There are extremes but they seem to balance out imo.

As far as whether luck has a place in the game, not sure what to say other than ‘it is what it is’. If we could predict the exact outcome of every match based simply on the math, it wouldn’t be fun at all I don’t think.