This Game Needs a "Black Market."


Like we’ve seen in the movies, there is clearly a black market for Dino-DNA. Having a similar system in-game would be cool. A way to take the excess DNA you’re not using and selling it for coin to other players.

Sort of like being able to trade Pokemon, players could exchange Dino-DNA. Foster a little sense of community and connectedness.


Thats would be really nice, a way to getmore dna dino you missing and the other player get coins


They would prob have to get rid of all the spoofers first or it would just be abused.


What @Ambient mentioned is indeed correct. The spoofers out there need to be banned first otherwise they would just obtain stupid amounts of currency from this kind of system. Having such a market in place is a nice idea, but you have to also look at the negative side of any idea.

Risk vs Reward :slight_smile:

When you spend a lot of time doing project management related tasks, you see all sides of an idea :slight_smile:


How do you even Ban spoofers, its not a script or anything but a GPS Signal. Explain that?


Within the game logs, each account holds distance traveled and where a dinosaur was engaged. So for example you’re in Paris and you encounter a T-Rex and you visit a website to find the location as to where another T-Rex is located and you see it’s in London, you then jump from Paris to London within a few seconds.

This data is recorded and then Ludia just run scripts within the database to detect those players who are jumping hundreds to thousands of miles within inhumanly speed. Most cases they will not just ban 1 person at a time, but it will result in them gathering data for hundreds of thousands of players and then just ban them all at once.

It’s easier for them, but of course more frustrating for the average user as they think that nothing is being done, but they’re working on daily basis to try and combat people cheating.


Not like anyone who isn’t P2W got the Coins left to buy Epic DNA anyway …


Would that accidentally hit players who turn the game on at home then at a park? Sometimes my GPS when arriving at a park still shows home then slingshots me to the park while asking me to confirm I’m not driving.


I’ve banned many spoofers on my discord server, mostly cause there stupid and take screen shots of the use on accident. Pokémon go has taken decisive actions against spoofing but by no means have finished. Now a days they tend to stick in a certain areas for the day to avoid the detection of overly Km’s Jumped. AR still a newly fresh game genre with not to many protessurs before it’s time. Of course there knock off games but Pokémon and Ingress were the first two big ones. With this new type of game genre syncing maps into play and monitoring your movement. It’s like dealing with a new breed of game cheating, not even the two games before JP have fully abolished this issue. It’s going take time unfortunately, but time whethers a game life if the problem is to deep.