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This game spawns


THERE ARE TWO TREXES SPAWNED ON IMMPOSIBLE PLACES. Ok so i just suck it in and dint risk it. Then a trex spawn again right infront of me.i went there with my bmw x5 it was quite far AND GUESS WHAT? IT DESPAWNED. So i spent the next extra 40 minutes and all epics showed up except TREX? WHAT? I DONT NEED uanosaurus, 2 kentro and two erlikosaurus. I JUST NEED A TREX O MY GOD THIS SELFISH GREEDY GAME.


Are you really complaining that you got an ourano, 2 kentro, and 2 erlick… right now?


I wouldn’t waste any more of your time @Evicton
(There’s a recurrent pattern of attention seeking behavior)


At least you found epics I need two weeks for to even see.
The last I saw were Spino Gen 2 and a Grypo and a Posti.

No Ourano, no sino, no rexy, no erliko, no anky since 1.5. I don‘t understand how some people find many epics per day while I perhaps see one every three days.


Your right, I was hoping to bring up why was someone so against rng so determined to put a big rng dino on their team. But i shouldnt feed the trolls


Listen i know im seem ungreatfull for that but idk man ive been searching for a trex so bad but when the time it showed up it could not come in a worst time.


Damn sorry


Just drove 220 km and didn‘t see a single epic with highspeed connection.
Yes I think you all can imagine how I react when I read someone found more than one epic in ten minutes.


Well idk how many km i drove honestly cuz i never really counted but i did drove city to city for it but i know ur pain having less epic showing up. The game spawns is not determined at all. I mean i tried to follow the metahub local spawns and none of them are in a section row. So i was like which one is which?

But i dint mean to sound like a jerk i just want to talk about it normally.

But it wasnt 10 minutes of course it was longer


Was an example cuz there‘s a thread where some people wrote about how they found dozens of epics in short time while I keep sitting on empty maps.


How ?! The only zone i never go to was the empty lands “junk yard” since none showed up. Thats crazy


Don‘t know. Before 1.5, I used to see 3-5 epics per day and in some rare cases also Rexy and also way more rares than now.
Now, I‘m barely finding good DNA that‘s also the reason why I can‘t continue lvlng my dinosaurs or fusing them.

Hate JWA hunts after 1.5 to be honest it‘s just frustrating how imbalanced the spawns are.
No fun at all, only boring and frustrating.


Wow i cant belive it usually games is more better after the update but this is redicules. Rexy showed up more before this update… hahahah
Well i guess we cant do anytjing about it.

Damn that must be really frustrating not being able to leveling up dinos. For the arena. Especially with this heavy based rng game.


Okay mrs evicton please tell me what uniqe or legendary dinos that doesnt have rng based damage? Or skills? Im all ears


First off, good thing you dropped that you drive BMW X5. We wouldve all been totally lost in your story without that crucial info.

Second…if a TRex spawns “right in front of you” how is it also so far away you needed to drive to it?


:joy: i was gonna say the same thing :joy: :joy: :joy:

so my only advice is to get the X7 bruh. also you probably are playing on an iPhone XS. make sure its the XS MAX next time and make sure to tell us about it :joy: like do you even JWA :thinking:


Trykosaurus. Stegodeus. Tryostronix. Spinotasuchus.


Er Kentro is the best dna in the game (well for me anyway) that Trykosaurus is a beast! My best Dino is my lowest leveled. Let me know where those Kentros are I’ll head up from Australia now


sure wish I would accidentally find an ouranosaurus, kentro, and erliko.