This game sucks right now


Wish I had tons of money to dump into this game so it could be enjoyable cant even battle without encountering some BS wish they can get it right so folks could enjoy it a little better and maybe make some coins available


“Right now”? Hell, the game has been sucking since it went live, sucking the money off wallets


I love the game right now. Been playing since launch but hey, you do you.


Its really a shame that there is this awful law forcing us to play this awful game. :wink:
I understand some of the bitterness here because losing to an obvious bot or due to a glitch or bug can feel really bad. But thats just unavoidable at such a complex and popular game. Sometimes i also win my battles only because my opponent obviously lost connection.

We should all try to be a bit more positive and appreciate that this is overall quite a cool game with a great PvP battle mechanism - something btw this other popular AR-game has not achieved within 2 years of its existence. If you dont agree to that, but rather wanna hate this game, then my advise is: just dont play it. There are so many other nice things to do in this world out there (at least thats what others have told me ;).


“Great pvp battle mechanism”
I wish.


Look, if the game sucks so bad… Go away. Nobady is twisting your wrist here. I for 1 love the game and I see and appreciate the effort Ludia has and is making to improve it and keep it fresh.


Adding new content instead of fixing bugs isn’t improving.


I hear all tbe time about bugs and yet I have rarely experienced 1… Not never. Most of the bugs are connection based and Ludia has no control over that. I have actual seen Ludia releasing frequent patches to fix issues. Look… In a peaceful attempt to keep things civil I will simply say that sometimes we blind ourselves to the good because its our frustration that stands out 1st and most brightly in our minds. Take a 3 day break, come back with fresh eyes and a willingness to embrace positivity and Ill bet your experience changes drastically


If I take a 3 day break I’ll drastically hate the pvp system even more because I’ll have been playing a pvp game that requires skill.


Then why dont you take a 30 year break and meanwhile enjoy playing that other game?


Because I have to leave the house and I have nothing else to play.


the game sucks for you… sorry