This games doing pretty well


Just so you know, I just took this screenshot. The games looks as if it’s doing pretty well at the moment

I’ve seen 8 other player sanctuaries now. Doesn’t surprise me people would choose this game. There is a lot to do. Graphics are nice. Almost every Dino you catch hybrids into something usefull. After a year of playing I still have clear goals to make progress.

Ive already got bored of Wizard Unite. Ludia deserve a lot of praise for getting their first GPS game right it’s not easy. Bigger budgets have produced much worse games.


I’ve also seen another person which is 100% not an alliance member using a sanctuary near my house as well


Wizards unite isn’t doing amazingly actually, it was number 1 grossing a few days a go, now’s it’s like number 20. I mean, that’s not bad but it’s below Pogo now

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Wizards Unite was the biggest let down ever for us . We don’t live near to any Inns and subsequently couldn’t play unless we went into town which is eight miles away ! So we uninstalled it after three days .
This is a great game compared to so many other mobile games , and although it’s got a fraction of the players that PoGo has , it has kept me , my wife and son entertained from its launch to now .
Sure there are issues like boosts , Draco rat and daft nerfs , but overall we still like it . There are about twenty sanctuaries within a couple of miles of us and none have any players in them though .


Most players just tested it and when the thrill of something new was over, all they were left with was just another boring Niantic game with an empty map unless you live in New York, New York!
Same problem with PoGo, nothing to do, so boring!

Plus dinosaurs eat wizards :slight_smile: