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This happened today

I finally made it to aviary after a few months!!
What should i expect?
Here’s my team


Boosted indo G2, nitro thors, nitro Paras. Pretty much anything that can go wrong, will go wrong in aviary


You should know that I got into Aviary with almost the same team (lvl 17-20)… But now however I try to upgrade my team I never move up… Now my team is at 20 and above and yet I have moved only a couple of trophies.
So expect a lotta whales…


Yeah thats about the reply i was expecting


Welcome to hell buddy…welcome to hell


Highway to Hell


Death and decay…and lots of phone chucking…and screaming…and rage…


Welcome to the abyss. Abandon all hope all ye who enter.

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Welcome to the home of 149 speed thors and 2252+ Attack Yoshi. Be prepared to be stuck here for a longgggggg time.


I reach aviary too but I use 8 level 30 unique. And my favourite is quetzorion, spinoconstrictor and ardentismaxima

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Did I miss any other nitro creatures?

welcome to aviary.
There is a wide mix of players and creature levels here. People coming up form Estate, Players that have been upgrading their teams from 17s-23s, and those on the cusp of Library that move into and fall back out of. Levels range from 17-30.
Don’t be discouraged if you upgrade your team but don’t move. there’s a lot of different rankings in Aviary and it’s a hard arena to break out of.

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“Knocking On Heavens Door” would be something unboosted.

Expect chaos, just like what happened in the aviary in JW.

Congrats with your achievement. I just achieved this recently myself, not trying. It was just these woolly creature hybrids happen to be quite good.

I’m right at that level with my level 20-21 unboosted teams and I have the counter team to yours that can take out Indo Rex’s, Procerats and Indo G2’s which is how I got to this level without using any of the creatures you have.

4 of my creatures remove cloak, shields and dodge. Setting up my team to counter cookie cutter teams like yours, I’ve gotten to my highest trophy level.
My Team 20200604

I don’t just play these. I put together all kinds of teams of different creatures. So I’ll loose a bunch and then win a bunch back. I try to keep PvP interesting.

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Congratulations and welcome!


No no no no…WRONG!

There’s isn’t enough fire, cash, and boosts in the picture

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Also we need a Thor, proRAT and indo gen2

Plus paramoloch and erlidom, maybe utahsino

We also need giraffatitan and black panther.