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This Has Gone Stale

Whoops! Not that!
For me, the game has lost a lot of interest. Alright, here comes the barrage of predictable comments, but I’m not complaining for the purpose of kvetsching. I’m complaining because I’m hoping something changes to keep my interest:
I’ve given up of PvP for the sake of boosts. No further explanation but I wasn’t having fun with it anymore, and most of the DNA I need can be found elsewhere.
Whenever I open the map, I do a quick turn, ignore the five majungas and do something else.
I grind in the sanctuaries to complete my dinodex. (Five to go after this weekend.) This takes about ten minutes.
I do strike towers, but that’s more for the coin and dna grind than anything else.
I have a collection of scents sitting unused.

So you’re saying “Acer, why not go for a walk?” Well, the streets are barely plowed, it’s below freezing, and by the time I get home every day, it’s dark. I can really only have about five months of active playing. Meanwhile, people closer to the equator has more productive months.
Now, this isn’t an “it’s not fair” thread, I’m just saying that having a decent share of your player base disengaged for half the year can’t be great. I’m not in any creative mind to think of solutions, but I’m throwing it out there: winter sucks in this game. Let’s think of a non-meta-breaking way to help with this.


Dinosaur traps?

Imagine you can set a trap at your home specifically designed to capture T-Rex. If a T-Rex spawns in your area, it can enter the trap it and have it wait for you to get home from work. If you set the trap for a Nundasuchus, you can expect one every day. Rexy may be less certain.
Or you can set a trap for Diplodocus, but it would always remain empty. Your call. Your list of options would depend on your level, just like sanctuaries.


Long-range scouting drone? You can fly a drone up to five miles away to scout areas to visit. This way you can plan out a course to travel, or you can plan a park-and-grab at your local park/store/location.


That idea reminded me of an old one and had me thinking of a new one…

Old idea: Have a dinosaur wishlist, and your phone can vibrate whenever a wishlisted dinosaur appears within sight range. That’s not a solution to the problem presented here, I don’t think, but I wanted to throw it out there anyway.

New ideas:
Extended Radar–Selected dinosaurs can have arrows pointing to them, even if they’re beyond sight range. That would be far, though.

Dino Detector–You know those hidden dinos that only appear when within 30 meters? Suppose you have a sensor that leads you to their locations even when they’re invisible. But you can only change the target once a day or once a week.

Dino Tracker–Hit a wild dino with it before darting. It’ll run away… But it has to go somewhere. Like a remarkably persistent mosquito, you can be on guard for when it comes back three days later! Your tracker notifies you when the dinosaur returns, and it leads you to its new location. The waiting time is determined by rarity.

Edit: Springboard for the tracker idea–Maybe you have to battle the creature to be able to get more DNA when you next meet it. Its level could be influenced by your level, the level you must have to track it, or how many times you’ve tracked it already. Maybe like the Indominus Rex, some dinosaurs will know they are being tracked and start the fight with some pre-existing condition prepared (1 free turn of evasion for Ornithomimus, speedup for Erlikosaurus, Cloak for G2 Indominus).


Random little shoutout–I think the new tournaments were a cool way to shake things up sometimes

Very nice ideas for next releases, especially the “dino trap”. :+1:

  • Traps Driving to work or going anywhere we sure pass a lot of zones that we are not familiar with,and we cannot afford the time to hunt in these zones.It would be good to have 10 daily traps and deploy them in these zones.After 6hrs we will receive the Dna we got from these traps (for 10lvl : 80 for commons,50 for rare and 20 for epic) or the Dinos so we can dart them.

  • Lures we are in the house and the dinos are out of reach,it will be like capsules,limited time and limited quantities.

  • Herds/Packs many common Dinos in one Spot

  • Drone Range: means your drone is capable to fly 150 or 200m away.
    So it should spot proximity spawns at this range .
    Proximity Spawns are underneath its range

Make it so we can see the proximity spawns in our Drone Range

  • Creatures wander around spawn points

Great ideas.

Instead of cashing money, give us more storytelling and narrative.

Make the game fun and playable, and we will all spend as before. I’ll start with my VIP.

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If some of these great ideas were implemented then I would certainly look at getting vip back.

Like the op, I feel the game has lost so much of its fun factor, mainly because mm has been ruined by boosts and I can’t see that changing.

And with the winter months making the hunting more difficult, ideas to help the housebound still collect worthwhile dna are certainly welcome.

A monthly new challenge on the campaign would be nice too.

Sadly with weekly reward system being the same week after week and boosts being sold every day, I fear Ludia can’t be bothered any more.

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I’ve done quite a bit of Geocaching. One thing I like is that you can look at a map and plan out a route. Hence my suggestion. Being able to tag the map might be nice, but it’s an idea that may have already collapsed under is own weight.

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I’m burning out from playing as I had expected a year ago. I’m surprised I’ve gone this long. I’m giving DNA away left and right because I have so much with everything I’m no longer growing. I do towers but haven’t been PvP’ing on either of my accounts. Just working on my dino dex; which I’m down to only 5 left on my 2nd account; which I predominantly play working on my dino dex.

I’ve some real life fun going on which takes from playing time.

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The best change they could make, in my mind, would be getting rid of the proximity spawns.

It’s irrational that some dinosaurs only exist/appear when you get within 30 feet of them, yet the range of the drone is over 10x that.

I’m not walking a grid search in an area that I can see every other dino in the hopes of finding a “hidden” one.

Hard to believe Pokemon Go is better in this aspect.


I actually appreciate the proximity spawns, when I do get time to get out to the park and walk off some scents. Proximity spawns help fill the gaps.

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What exactly do you appreciate about them? That they only appear when you are on top of them?

Perhaps I should have worded my post to reflect I don’t want the actual creatures gone, more so that they should always be visible when in drone range, rather than ONLY when right on top of them.

Proximity: Nearness in space, time or relationship.

Proximity spawns do not occur ONLY in parks, they are everywhere. There is no way to detect them, even if in drone range unless you are within about 30 feet of their location. get outside that range and they disappear again, despite being in drone range.

I find no appreciable qualities of such an arrangement.

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I beg to differ… that Bread looks just fine… lol :laughing:

I like the Gyrosphere idea someone posted in here a few months ago. You could “ride” a Gyrosphere around your neighborhood to hunt. Make it to where you could only start from your actual location and ride around a mile or two radius of your location. That’s pretty much what I do when I get on my bike and ride around the neighborhood to hunt. I think I only hunt within 1-3 miles of home, and in those 1-3 miles I can access L3, L4, and L2 in addition to the L1 I live in. Walkers probably hunt in an even tighter radius than cyclists, so I think the Gyrosphere idea would be great. This would also benefit the disabled, homebound, elderly, children, and people who live in unsafe areas.


With my broken leg I would certainly appreciate it. It’s the only reason I got VIP, but even with that some things are out of range.


I suggested this 7 months ago, let me know what you all think.


That’s a sick idea

“Now, this isn’t an “it’s not fair” thread”
I think the weather component of this game is definitely not fair. A lot of cool ideas in the comments.