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This has to change boring skills in exchange with damage

I am disgusted that creatures with abilities that damage in exchange … I waste my time putting an arena to play opponents who do not have much to think about they only need to press the creature change button stun lose my 15 seconds that the game gives me thinking a strategy to do with a dino low in health but the rival does not have much to think about, he only needs the luck of his dinosaur with damage in exchange stun me through armor the environment in player against player is going to become toxic when there is more dinosaur with this type of skills

They take away my freedom to have the dinosaur that I want to reach high ranks. I have to have if or if this disgusting hybrid of the monolorihno. If there were no such skills with damage and assistance in exchange, the world would be better.

Think for a bit that playing at high ranks will serve you. If on the first turn your opponent hits you with a blow that takes between 3k of health and then makes an exchange in damage and takes another 1.5k of health and it stuns you, you don’t hit on the second turn, practically your opponent has no penalty for using this type of abusive ability and has an advantage over you for a free kill. Any dinosaur that survives in the first turn on the second turn is dead if it has less than 1.5 k of health, the armor is useless.
Because let’s be honest, using this type of skills you don’t think and the penalty that you can’t make change at this point does not work for you, you are interested in doing damage quickly and finishing. Because then This is the Dracoceraptops and his other older brother who has cleanliness removes that penalty by using a passive ability in exchange and saves the dinosaur later to abuse it again. Is this gameplay fun for you guys?
I think that the one who is in favor of these skills does not think much and it is better to kill rivals quickly to go to the bathroom quickly

Yes people that use these creatures do still have to think. They don’t always blindly swap to that creature, they’ve got to think whether that is the right move at the right time, or whether such a swap-in move should be reserved for the last move of the battle. This decision is often made based on what team the player has.

Yes some of these swap-in moves are rather powerful, but don’t just make the accusation that players don’t have to think about it, they just swap. There is still strategy involved whether you like it or not.

The arena in general is horrible. Not because of the players, but because Ludia cannot balance it at all. So when I fight in the arena I want the battle over fast so I can get the job done and get out of there and enjoy the rest of the game.

So don’t make claims that players don’t have to think about their moves just because they use such a swap-in tactic.

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but to have wanted how much you are going to think if the game gives you the statistics and the damage that you can do with that ability.
I don’t think you have to strain to think about using a rat Draco. It’s easy. You trade first turn, you clear the penalty. You change to monolori, do other stun damage. and you still have rat Draco to release it when the opponent is beating you without using that skills and you do not know how to do anything other than to do damage in exchange and if you want more damage and are lucky there you have the Ceramagnus. You have to think hard if you have two dinosaurs with passive damage abilities xD

You should use the boost shuffle event to take magnapyritor out of your team. I haven’t seen a magnapyritor hit twice in a match since Thursday.