This how to engage those players lvl. 17 and lower who can't do apex raids

After the kinda disaster with the 2.11 new level system, I bet most players lvl. 17 are bored on Friday, Saturday and Sunday because they can’t do any raids and this is how to engage them.

1 simple step: Just add rare - unique raids on the weekend. I do not care what they are, it’s just to engage those players.


It’s nice of you to think about lower level players… But in my case I actually get bored having to DO raids every freaking day :crazy_face:


I’m lvl 11 and I get bored In the weekends cause there is nothing to do except ask for epic dna and dart legendary :pensive:

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I am level 17 and i was only 21 dna off unlocking hadros lux and now i’m bored i’m not complaining but the game got a little boring. I’m a f2p player and I don’t spend money so i’ll just have to spend 2 months to get to level 18 now.

I think people quickly forget that before 2.0 there weren’t raids and the weekend was the least boring part because of the tournaments. So lower level players can still play in the tournament if they want to.


Yup, darting epics, hunting treasure chest, playing tournament. There are still fun to do…


Lol i liked that “go out, shoot some dinos”

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1 even simpler step - just play the game. Dart some dinos, fight in PVP and tourney. There is a lot to do at weekends, especially for lower level players.

I do not want even more raids at weekends. Apex ones are too much already.


I do love the tournaments now that I have them unlocked. But…what about those who haven’t? It is important for player retention to keep the lowest level players interested. The only way to continue to grow the player base.

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Simple, low level players lack coins and dna. Go hunting and get the dna so you can build hybrids and collect the coins do you can fuse and evolve. In turn you get more XP to level up. This game has been around a couple years and we just got raids like last year. What do you think everyone did before raids? We played the game. That’s hunting and battling. Low level players feel so entitled.


well, i’m lvl 20 and play since game release.
i don’t play raids and the best of the week for me is tournaments, i’m bored from monday to friday, lol.

yep, but i guess ludia created tournaments and raids exactly to avoid people of becoming bored with darting and arena and leaving the game.

i wonder if ludia did this lvl cap now because of lower level players getting access to monster dna.

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Probably not, the reason anyone would be happy that unique and apex raids are locked is that it helps making the PvP more enjoyable so that for example somebody with epics in marshes doesn’t crush everyone with their lux because they got carried. Also I know low level players can do much more stuff way faster than end game players. Oh and at level 4 you can do rare raids so it’s not that long of a wait.

That is the point of raid level caps so there won’t be apexes in like badlands cuz of a low levels level 15 irrigator, which is used for hadros, and majority of unique and legendary raids


Not mad. It’s just ridiculous the mentality of low level players being upset about not getting end game dna. It should be earned and rewarded not given out through being carried. Original players put in time and grind for all we have. It would take a long time to unlock uniques now you do a few raids or get rewards from championship or even dna from alliance missions and sanctuaries. It’s all just given out and people still complain. There’s plenty to do in the game without raiding. All I did was the Ref raid last week.


I would love to have rare to Unique raid too.

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