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This is a challenge to all the guilds

Who can do the most rooms for this guild raid. Above Syndicate is my guild and we challenge all other guilds to see who can do the most rooms.


I guess other guilds done want to grind this raid rally? It is probably the easiest one. After day one Above syndicate has completed the raid and completed over 4000 rooms.

Ohh, it’s a tough one, but we’re going to try to catch up a bit! Good luck!

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This one is easier for higher level teams since there is really no danger of damage to your ranged characters. But for the second time in a row I took a break after completing 20 rooms and then when I came back, didn’t get the credit. Annoying since it is a slow boring slog but I’ll come back now that my new rewards came in and nothing interesting to grind for.

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Yea our guild is having similar struggles. How many times do you have to beat the bosses to get the final prize?

With the raid ending in 7 hours, many guildies have spent many hours doing this event. How did you all do? I loved this event and so did many in my guild.


Seems like people liked this raid amongst the higher level guilds. I have no clue where guilds ended up. When the season reset, the guild tab only shows season results and not raid results for me. Hope everyone had a good time grinding XP at least :grinning:

Being in a less active guild with lower level people it is less rewarding. Quite a few commented they couldn’t get more than 2 rooms a run, and we are still below 50%.

For a small guild we did well. After some guild advice I went from 1-3 rooms to getting to room 7 using -ac immobile stun and ranged attacks. It’s good that tactics bring results more than straight best gear.

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We finished in like a day. We never bother going over the 1800 rooms needed, it is pointless. Some had trouble w it but once folks adjusted their gear it was fine, just a grind.

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Hey, I am currently in the top 50 and would love to join Above Syndicate. Let me know if a spot opens up and you will have me!