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This is a complaint topic

Its raining and 40°F outside.
No dino hunting for me to day. Just going to have to do the strike by my house in my vehicle and use my few scent capsules.

FYI, I don’t hunt and drive. Too dangerous.

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No need to complain when it’s raining out there and no dinos to be found. Complain harder when there’s 3 sinoceratops around your house but raining cats and dogs


As someone who loves the rain I would hunt in the rain alot but I’m sick right now so I guess no hunting for me :confused:

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Hello, have you ever been to Scotland? :joy::joy:


I hear it rains coots an doogs in Scotland


I would go outside in a hurricane if there were sinos outside. I’ve been playing since launch and have only seen two in the wild.

I only have it at lvl 11 due to an event months ago.


Same here, one of them on friday night😅


No, but Scotland and Ireland are on my bucket list.
I can handle a light rain, got an umbrella for that. But I can’t even see the field behind my house it’s raining so hard.

Yeah, cause that’s not offensive.

Then you dont want to come to Scotland. Light rain is not something I would call what we get.

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Maybe sometimes in the height of summer :upside_down_face:

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You seem to play casually. The last event with sinoceratop gave you max 15 attempts on it, which you should’ve ended up much more DNA than this. All in all, just keep an eye on next event for sino, don’t risk darting in hurricane😙

I would go there for more than dino hunting thankfully. I have family in Edinburg lol

As far as I can tell she’s pretty rural, I personally only saw 3 sinos in the entire event.

Yes keyword being maybe😂

I work a LOT and don’t always have time to go to event spots. When the sino event happened, the green supply drops were still in parks and the one by me was glitchy. It disappeared after I darted twice (was level 5 also, so not a lot of dna per dart), and got about 55 dna.

I wasn’t able to finish through that event either. It can’t be possible to stay on the same dino for 15 times with old park spawning. I will try to like the new spawning. Another armor event soon to come, hopefully the upcoming week?

I am pretty rural. I’m in a small neighborhood and got farmland behind my house.
Most of my dino hunting is on my days off when I can go into town and walk around or hit the park 10 miles from me.

It was a joke! You your self have made fun of Scottish accents


I woke up to the first picture this morning, right on my doorstep. Theyre like epic cockroaches by me. Thank God cause I love both it’s hybrids equally and I’m dying to get Utarinex. :rofl: