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This is a first!

No darting, no 12 battle quota, and no daily incubator missions. Yeah I see Direct Hits


My 12 battle, daily incubator, and open 6 incubator missions alternate. I get them every other day.

I have had the daily inc and the 12 battle one alternate every other day. Just not the darting acquisition as well. Just caught me by a surprise

I cringe when I see the 12 battle one cuz that’s usually a day I go without the free dna

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The same happens to me. I usually dread it

Just do strike towers and friendly battles. Low stress way to complete it.

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Do towers and friendly battles.

There ya go.

I always get the 12 battle the day after I do the tower with 5 steps. Those are usually on the map 2-3 days so it’s a matter of timing them.

Strike towers count towards the 12. Very easy and stress free way of getting the 12 done

Not many folks around to do friendly battles with when I need to

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