This Is A Lockwood Manor Team - Seriously?

How on Earth am I (max dino level 24) supposed to compete with this!?!



That does seem a little high to be there!

I also encounterd these kind of teams in Lockwood. My 22/ 23 .When that happens, I put the phone down and get myself a cup of coffee and move on to the next battle.

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Lol wow that’s a lazy team that doesn’t care what arena they land in. Seems like that’s happening alot

So much for preventing arena droppers…

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Might not be actually ‘lazy’ or an arena dropper. I could just be someone who does not care about trophies.

Here is my crew at 3200 trophies. I switch them around but all are about the same ‘strength’. Check the teams in your Alliance at about that range, that is what I battle. I chose not to get in the boost wars so my stable is all stock. I win 50/50 in this range. I either get massacred by a level 16-18 Allosino, Sinoraptor or whatever, or… My opponent rage quits because I am simply too powerful for their low boosted level 16 crew. I do feel bad when I get an opponent I simply dominate, that is not the way it should be.

But what can we do? I could level my fleet up several levels and I would be in the same boat, only at a slightly higher trophy level facing larger boosted opponents. I would still find an equilibrium range where I would either dominate, or be dominated in back to back matches.

I gave up caring because there simply is no point down here. Perhaps at end game there is, but not for this level. We all see the posts of users being matched with teams several levels higher where they simply have no chance. That is just the way the matchmaking goes here. I get my 10 takedowns and close the battle screen until the next day. It can take 4 battles or 10.


That is League 1 Lockwood Library right?
I don’t know why you got matched with him, but that’s a proper Library team.

That was in the ‘garden path’ Lockwood (the one below the Aviary)


Spend more $$$$ on boosts like Ludia wants you too.

Are you in the same Arena as them? If so, you’re too high imo.

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