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This is a lot so plz help

This covers pretty much all of my parks. I need advice. Layouts what should I invest in next, should I attempt the tourney? Or should I stick to events. What should I be looking to do


Hey @Aether_12, @Jurassic_Fury, need the pros for this. Also @Precision, when you post your line up, try to keep the Jurassics and Cenozoics seperate.


K thanks mate

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How did you manage to get the indominus gen 2???

A lot of stuff you need to do, imma just list some.
-Hatch all of your VIP creatures, they will help out a lot and they hatch super fast. Take up all the incubation chambers with dinobucks. Always keep you dinosaurs hatching, as soon as one hatches, replace it.
-Try to increase coin production by surrounding your dinosaurs with proper decoration placement. You can find a lot of videos on Youtube (Check out @Sionsith’s channel, he post a lot of informative videos about Jurassic World: The Game, his channel name is “Chris Vail”). Coins can really help out in trades. Once you are able to, buy the Apatosaurus fossil decoration, they can give up anywhere from 300-500 Dinobucks if your lucky in the trade harbor. Buy a lot but not too many where you are low on coins, I’d say stay above 3 mil.
-Dinosaurs are much better coin producers than buildings, but try to keep 3-6 of each building for missions. For buildings that come around frequently in missions, you should have more than 3-6. For example, I have 10x ACU offices, 10x Jungle bean coffee shops, 5x Communication Stations, 5x Triple Crown Hotel and whatever else you think you might need for missions.
That’s all that I can think of right now lol

@Precision bruh you are not supposed to post your lineup all the way till your weakest creature your top 10-15 dinos are sufficient to be posted…

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Probably from the tournament

Which tournament ?? And how do I not have one :weary:

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If your short on island space, there is no rule that you have to have all your Dino’s out on your island. You can leave the poor earners in asset repository. They will still be available for you to use in battles. They just don’t earn coins.

Your still early in the game, you need to focus on getting coin production up. Decorations is the key. Hammond statue is best unless your vip, then go for clock towers. Look at videos on maximizing multipliers. 400%+ of your best earning dinos is better than having all your Dino’s out and getting normal production. Look at videos on how to organize decorations for max earnings. I prefer to loose a little in multipliers to maximize ease of collecting coins. So build rings around revenue towers, dinos at the reach limits and rings of decorations around the outside to get to 400%+.

As soon as your able, fight in tourneys to unlock the dinos. How you get to dominator is up to you, but I would say hatching all your vips is key to getting there faster. Use the 1st hatchery slot, for vips and any Dino rare or common. Use the other 3 to hatch your legendarys as spending $50 to activate them for a 7 day hatch is a good use of money. Try not to waste money on creation lab extra chamber. I only use it to do 8 and 12 hr hatchings.

Save your cash and dna as much as you can, you will need tons of it later in the game to buy hybrids. I would say try to avoid speeding up hatchings. Far better to waste that money speeding up creation lab.

Read up about when there are discounts and use those times to buy dinos and if you are going to speed up hatchery or creation, take advantage of those discounts. Good luck.

There was a indominus gen 2 bracketed tournament couple of months ago, i think even before i joined. It gave unlock to those who finished in dominator in heavy bracket and one copy to those who finished in dominator in light bracket or whatever its called…

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Bad luck for me I guess

Step one would be to put all the buildings on Isla Sorna/sell them. They are useless in coin production and only takes up space. I would recommend doing a revenue tower setup. If you haven’t, watch Sionsith’s video on it. Here’s the link:

In the earlier levels we need to collect coins from buildings tho … like there are missions requiring those buildings

Send them to Isla Sorna. I would suggest using a coin trap, they helped me a lot on earlier levels.

Coin trap??

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Basically a high earning dino that you place separate from the others and surround it with really good decorations

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For example, this guy that earns me 2.7 million coins every 30 minutes.


@MonstaaBoii74 should I attempt the tournament?

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You should atleast aim for predator … Cause I’m pretty sure you can do it without spending any db

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If you are aiming for predator yes. U will have to spend thousands of bucks for dominator