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This is a nightmare

Hello, have you got any tips on how to beat this level? Because these Gritty Sawmaws are just too powerful. ;-; They only have to use two special abilities and my whole team is dead. They also heal immadietaly almost all of the damage I did. Aaand their spirit speed is fast (or even very fast). And Warcry-es don’t make it easier. Because of them, none of my dragons can get their special ability before the enemy team gets theirs. :confused:

You’re gonna have to level some dragons. Also consider dropping brute for another purple

Sawmaw is the kind of dragon that you hate until you own her… she’s high power fast heal, but she also pops easily. Two of them, however, can be a back and forth nightmare, and with Warcry boosting their specials you are in for a rough time… but thankfully he is also a low defense dragon.

If you have two or three higher level reds, that will boost the strongest damage against the greens, and double purple boosting will help too (but be careful, Warcry will hit as hard against your purples as you hit with them) With Warcry cutting into your spirit, having a spirit booster on your end will pay off. Same with anyone that can heal block. Bog-blight will take care of the whole team, but single heal blockers like Knock Rocket or Coldreign will help too ~

Leave your blues at home for this level, even if they can break defenses like Lightfury or Skrillcrusher, they will be taken down way too fast to be useful.

You got the Counterattack from Boltbeak, who should give you the best damage without relying on specials. See if anyone can break the enemies defenses or boost your own (so long as they aren’t blue.) Gloomleer is fabulous for Locking the specials of one target and boosting your defense. Murklurker is obviously the prime dragon for Special locking, but his special builds slowly, and he may be getting taken out before he can be useful.

Take this as a lesson/challenge that no one dragon, no matter the attack power, the BP, or the specials, is perfect. And the team made up of the top 5 most powerful colours will not be the most effective team. It’s unwise to have just a handful of “the best” dragons that you can usually just power through with (until you can’t). Every dragon, even some of the uncommon ones, have their place in a super effective team. My BP isn’t much higher than yours, but I can often clear up to 6500 in the daily or weekly quests, or even complete entire Trust event quests, just because I have so many dragons to play around with. Most of them are Rares, some are mid-high levelled Epics, a few are Trust Legendaries (and my best one is completely useless against Sawmaw)

Don’t be afraid to breed for or keep dragons that don’t seem so great right now. Level them up anyway! You never know when you will need them (and you will definitely need at least two +900 BP dragons of each color to start earning the 3-star scales needed to Max out any Legendary dragons, especially that Murkurker. The 3-star scale purple levels can be brutal)

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Wow that’s a lot of advice, thank you! I think I have two copies of each three star dragon (except hybrids, I have two Knock Rockets and maxed out Anveil as you can see on the screenshot) just in case. I’ll consider leveling up Bog Blight or Knock Rocket.

I’ll try, thanks!

I did it! I managed to beat the level, I used 3 red dragons and two purple. (Torch, Boltbeak, Driftcleaver, Toothless and Shifty). Thank you very much! Of course I also had some luck with the tiles but still. ^^