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This is a park! Really?

The lack of event drops is crazy, I have 0 around my house so I went to my local big park and there are 3 out of like 20…Why offer great event creatures if you’re not going to populate them?

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You found a park with spawns not 100% located on the road? Is this a fake post by Russian hackers? Because all the parks I’ve seen are empty, not even orange supply cubes.

what is annoying is that this week we were supposed to be getting * Argentinosaurus * spawning in the wild so it can be darted for dna… well guess what.?. in 2 days so far i have seen just 4 of them but all of them were over 3 - 4 kilometers from me and by the time i got there they had already vanished or just simply disappeared just before i could start darting them. but in some dumb reverse logic there were well over 16 irritators ( the 2nd major dinosaur of the week ) that could be darted which i didnt need btw i needed the argentinosaurus instead but like we have suffered in the past and will again in the future the dinosaurs that we desperately need the dna from are no where to be found or are not around in sufficient enough numbers to find let alone dart at all.?. now why is that i ask.?. we are shown on the weekly calendars that these dinosaurs will be spawning in the wild but they never are … or in a sufficient enough ratio of even numbers that a player can choose which one they want to go a 9 hour period i saw 11 irritator’s but only saw 1 argentinosaurus which once more vanished just as i went to dart it because it was over 4 kilometers from where i lived ( outside of the barrier / border of the actual playing area of my game shown by the * 200 meter circular marked border line and by the time i got there it was on the verge of shifting to yet another location on the map entirely meaning i would have to travel to this new location wherever that may be to try and dart it to get the * alleged dna we were promised * as shown on this weeks calendar.!. yeah right so much for that idea… i gave up in total disgust and went home knowing full well i was never going to get any dna from the dinosaurs that we were supposed to get end of story ! :roll_eyes: :thinking: :roll_eyes: :thinking: :roll_eyes: