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This is a tough raid boss

I guess you need to take him out very quick, not much strategy.

!.) Don’t have multiple characters in a single column.
2.) Wait for the golem to use flame strike anyway.
3.) After the fourth time, restart.

I’m guessing the devs think we have too many keys saved up.

I agree regarding keys, but the boss has attacked my characters with fire and all 4 were in their own separate lanes.
Always in the past, seperate lanes, only boulders.

This is round 1, the fire is where my Ranger was, as you can clearly see, all characters were in their own columm.

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This19th lvl boss is ridiculously difficult. He is killing my heros with a single breath.

Our guild does not have players who can single handily finish this event. Infact we never have for any of these raids. It takes a crazy effort from us to acquire the Legendary item and then you dump upon us an even more difficult raid.

As previously suggested, have a staff member play this game regularly so they may understand what works and what is R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S.

And if you already do have someone playing, try someone else.

He is level 20 the deeper you go. This boss is for the pve players and I plan on farming him like crazy tomorrow when I have more time. In a few hours I was able to grind some solid exp off him and help my guuldmates.


You are my new hero…for pve players…lol

The last raid boss was for pve, this boss, as Badger eluded to, is for key consumption.

Yeah @JImbolya18. Totally running it with my hero’s that need XP the most.

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And since this boss can one shot any character regardless of level and buffs/debuffs I don’t even feel like it is a trade off to have Joppa in there. I didn’t do all the rallies so have a decent number of keys but not an endless amount I’ll farm some XP until I’m out of keys or too bored.

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And since when did this boss use fire when all characters are in their own columns?

It’s always been a possibility, just not a common one.

Happens lots, infact back to back in the same round.

Just ran into a glitch where I timed out due to inactivitity, and after prompted to Continue or Leave the raid, I would get stuck on the loading screen (Longest wait was 5+ minutes before closing the app.)

So, I eventually had to choose to leave the raid, but I didn’t get credit for any number of the bosses killed. No XP, no count towards Raid Total.

Is this common when you choose to Leave rather than Continue? I’ve never had to do this before.

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You waited 5+ minutes, that’s awesome, dedicated to the cause😂

No, not common(glitches are though)
Leaving a raid is like leaving any other challenge. Straight forward, or atleast it should be.

I left a raid this afternoon, it was seamless.

For that boss round 1 he always drop rock after that if you dropped him below 66% he will breath 2 target again for minus 33%

If you cannot reduce him below 66% quick enough he might use the pillar fire attack even if you have only 1 hero on that column


I get between 2-6 rooms and this go around, the raid is an extra grind that I will be spending litle more time with.
It takes a big effort for me to grind these keys and I won’t be wasting then on a really, unfairly difficult boss, my guild members have been saying the same, and our 26 members are use to adversity.

Explanation is appreciated though. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m seeing a lot of success with this character setup:

Farideh - Explorer’s Boots, WANDERER’S LAUREL, Hellish Grimoire, FIENDISH BRAND, any armor, Belt of the Witch

Halbenet - Moonfall’s Steps, MOONFALL’S SHROUD, MOONSTONE PENDANT, St. Markovia’s Thighbone, any armor, Ring of Shield Other

Tommus - Warrior’s Boots, Guard’s Helmet, Medicine Pouch, WARRIOR’s DUO, any armor, FISTS OF REBUKE



  • Gear in CAPS is necessary to create ideal damage/healing/poison/AC-/etc.
  • Positioning is important as you want Tommus to take more attacks due to his durability.

Interesting strategy @MisterCinephile. The heroes you have chosen and your battle philosophy almost diametrically oppose my own for this event. Rather than a defensive strategy I was successfully employing an onslaught mentality, stressing AC- and heavy damage. I hit as fast and hard as possible to prevent the boss from unleashing its flaming column. Perhaps I will attempt your set-up and see if I have similar success.

Make no mistake, I am going for a Heavy Hitting Strategy.

Naomlen moves right to the front line and gains an extra action, almost always attacking for poison and hefty damage.

Farideh poisons and gives AC- without having to move, but can deal a fair bit of damage if moving is necessary.

Tommus and Halbenet are the other side of the coin, healing and giving out AC+ (while dealing damage) to keep everyone alive from the Boulder and Breath attacks.
With the right gear, assuming no bad luck, so can fight forever in this raid.

“Forever” in this case being until the RNG decides to cast flame strike, which shouldn’t be long.

I’m making 8 to 10 rooms with lvl 15 characters. Tommus with epic sword, saarvin with epic bow and armour debuff, hal for healing, and naomlen with extra move space trinket plus rare swords. The key is to take it out ASAP before it uses the flame strike. The flame has been boosted and not even armored up tommy can stand up to it, but it typically doesn’t use it right away.