This is... Awesome


Look how genuinely terrified those children are. The Dino is pretty believable


So THIS happened at Chicago’s Field Museum…

Pure awesomeness!


I still want one of those free-range robot dinosaurs from Japan.

“His name is Bitey. Bitey McHurtspeople.”


Say what now?


See the first video in the thread (the OP’s link). That’s not a puppet, it’s a mecha-dino controlled offstage like a drone. The thing even has gyros in it so it can balance itself while walking.


Japan takes realism and blends it with insane technology to create… the mecha-Allosaur!


I did watch the video but didn’t know all that. That’s awesome!!! That thing was super realistic, the way it blinked gave me chills.


For I have seen the top of the mountain… and it’s pretty freakin’ awesome, is what it is!