This is awful of Ludia to do

What the hell ludia?!?! Trying to scam us? Be aware from now on guys, watch what your buying

How is it a scam? It is what it is. If you don’t think it’s worth it, don’t buy it.

The pack is not a new one. That said, it dates back to when the Woolly Mammoth was on par with VIPs.


I know that it dates back. Do not cite the deep magic to me witch I was there when it was written. A little narnia reference there. Also Ludia is notorious for scamming the player. Letting others on the forum see and know is a crime isn’t it? Especially the new players, let’s just let them get ripped off. You’re an ambassador, there’s clear bias here. Also nowadays woolly mammoth isn’t really on par with VIPs.

um…dont get it

@anon28420136 the reference? Or the scam?

Its because mammoth in Vip Pack…

I dont think that is what a scam is


Showing what’s in the pack is no more a crime than the pack is a scam. The pack clearly shows its cost and clearly shows its contents. That’s pretty much the opposite of a scam.

It’s up to the player to decide if the content is worth the cost. Personally, I don’t think it is worth it. Pre-nerf, sure, but not anymore. Other players may think differently. Clearly enough players do, since Ludia still offers the pack for purchase every once in a while.


I obviously don’t have much knowledge, but as per everything that I’ve read in the thread I think he’s got a point, you’re just a bit taken aback or you want your point to gain priority, calm down for a bit, and see it from his point.


I understand your point and his pint as well. Not everyone is going to look at the pack though. Think if you went to buy the last thylacosmilus you need and you click. Suddenly you realise you’ve spent 20,000 loyalty points on any random tournament legendary which you may have maxed. As soon as I get 10,000 I rush for the multi pack. Others might not and buy the 20,000. He comes off quite rudely when I call out a company famous for ripping off the player. He is again, an ambassador, which provides him a bias. That’s why I kind of disregard his opinion. Am I wrong for letting people know that they could waste their in-game currency merely because Ludia swapped in the creature that is sub par to the level at which you thought you were getting.

There are a lot of things in this game that all players can ‘waste’ their money on but we don’t need a thread on each one. As said above, it’s not a scam when you can clearly see what you get. Ludia isn’t making you buy anything.


It’s pretty offensive (and rude!) to accuse someone of bias just because you don’t agree with them, and no other evidence whatsoever to support your claim. Andy is an “ambassador” for no reason other than being an experienced player, that has regularly helped other players out, and followed the rules of the forum, that Ludia offered him that title when it became available. He has no association with the company other than being a player like the rest of us, it doesn’t come with anything, nor does he get anything from it. Other than feeling a responsibility to help players out more… and people accusing him of bias just because his posts have that label on them. A nice reward for taking the job, huh?

FYI - even if he was biased, to discount what he is saying solely on that is a common logical fallacy. Far too often used these days to avoid, rather than respond, to a point being made.


I’m failing to pick up how this is ludia ripping us off? It’s a pack offer that’s a choice to get or not.

If we’d like to talk about how Ludia should add a “confirm” button to all in game purchases, then I’d agree and sign the petition.


Lol that’s their own fault then, maybe players will be a bit more careful next time.

A scam is more like showing a thylocosmilus pack but upon opening you receive a woolly mammoth instead, this pack is pretty much 0 percent scam.


I’m not the only one who found this awful. 3 people here were clear about that. I fully understand what bias is thank you I study statistics. Also just because there are already instances of it does not mean we should just allow more. Ludia constantly overpriced things like here. We shouldn’t just allow more without complaint. Would you like more of these atrocious deals? Ludia will go through with it you know. I know I don’t because it’s not worth it. It’s their fault if they don’t look? Alright you spend £90 thinking it’s £9 I’d all your fault not Ludia’s for overpricing.

Why did you mark out resources

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I don’t think it’s a scam, but the price is debatable, as mammoth isn’t a VIP anymore. If your working towards Mammotherium and are short on DNA I’d say go for it


It’s not a scam though it just doesnt fit the definition of a scam, lots of people think that the earth is flat, doesn’t mean to say they are right.

Not a scam:

Woolly mammoth pack with a woolly mammoth in it


A pack marked as a microposaur pack (exactly the same look as earth shattering events) but with only a chance of receiving microposaur

Now if your talking about the high cost of the woolly mammoth pack we could literally have thousands of topics covering all sorts of high cost in game purchases but again not a scam just a choice and these must be selling otherwise ludia would not continue to circulate some of these packs.


I couldn’t tell if this was a trolling thread, I am still not 100% sure…

Scam - a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; swindle.

Scratches head…

Ponders Darwin for a moment…

Back to hanging out with family.


I didn’t know that one, rude. :expressionless: