This is becoming a regular occurrence now

Last week there was zero Baryonyx epic incubators in sight for me, let alone in range, and it’s the exact same this Friday. I’m not sure Ludia is aware but many nations are still in lockdown and going out looking for this is far from essential.

Has anyone else had the same issue?


Last week yes, but I just take my loss and hope for the best the week after.
Strike distribution has been a long lasting issue, I really hope they improve this somehow.


Yeah it’s ridiculous, did you notice the lack of green supply drops as well?.. :sleeping:

There’s one on my house and 2 more in range so no :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s lucky, enjoy collecting your (I assume) Acro DNA

Obviously :wink:

In general I can’t say there’s a lack of green stops around. I see them everywhere, especially the epic ones.

Same here, zero Epic strikes in range or on the horizon. Luckily for me I do have an event drop next to me, and two in the distance.

I dont see the epic strike at all either. and last time there wasn’t epic strikes on the map Ludia ignored us and didn’t address the issue. no compensation, just radio silence.
@Ned @Jason


Hey Qiew, passed to our team and they’re currently looking into this. :mag:


They did say some events would be late to roll out, but the other strikes and drops seem to be on time

One tip I do is make sure your game is open before 10AM EST time.
Do all the strike events in range that pop up at that time.
Restart the app and it usually scrambles the strike events to increase your odds of getting them all.


That is a great tip actually, i hope many people see this. I do it all the time and sometimes it prevents me from walking many kilometres to get all the fights.

That’s actually a great tip! I think I done all bar one but definitely worth a try

Despite a notification about the new Epic strike tower I have not seen one at all since the change over.

This is the only one on my map. The distribution of epic towers is ridiculous. :confused:

Screenshot_20210129-101504_JW Alive

It’s been raining rather heavily today so hunting and strike towers will have to occur when there are breaks in the rain like there are now. :grimacing:

The 2.4 update is functioning exactly as intended. Strike towers are noticeably down netting fewer coins when I go out walking. Epic strikes highlighted on Twitter are missing, but a similar incubator is available for 19.99 each week. It’s not a coincidence, it was not communicated that increased availability measures intended to keep player interest during COVID are getting silently rolled back. I’m sure the answer will be the towers are out there and working as intended

Was outside before reset and didn’t see epic strike. Also none after.

Will probably need to blindlessly walk around for 2 hours in the morning to find one.

:rage: :rage:

This is a sentence.

Same here…all this week I had at least 2-3 green strikes in range. Then today, nothing and all moved way out of range. Dealing with lockdown and rain today so doesn’t look like I’ll be able to get any of them. I really don’t understand why they can’t code into having at least one green drop in range. I always have at least 10 drops around me so it’s not lack of POI around me.


Hey DPG members, could you please try restarting your game and see if you have any Dakotaraptor Strike around your area now?

Thank you!