This is becoming a regular occurrence now

Yep. i see a couple. and one is in range.

another thing… whatever happened to the baryonix strike and the other epic strike that week? i don’t remember that getting resolved.

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Here none :frowning:

Drove around a few miles and actually found one, unlike last week, but there’s a bug that won’t let me start the match…

Not surprised.

Thank you. I have one now.

Nope. Still not a single one in sight

Note: all the completed ones are every incubator except for the epic

Yes after restarting just now I do see one about 10-15 minute walk away. Thank you

Nope. Still none in sight.

I have no epic towers in range, normally I’d think meh nevermind however I am locked in and physically disabled, I find this rather crap that so many people are having distribution issues especially during a lockdown… cmon ludia

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Were there supposed to be two Dakotaraptor epic towers today?

Asking for purely hypothetical reasons in case there weren’t.

I wondered that as well. Not that I’m complaining; I hadn’t even seen a Dakotaraptor before today, and not only do I own it but I had a little more DNA to level it as well.

Second week in a row… no epic towers in sight :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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No sign of the Baryonyx Tower last week, and no Dakotaraptor Tower this week…

Thanks Ludia. You really know how to look after your loyal player base!

So, people are reporting that they were able to do this week’s Epic Strike TWICE while most of us can’t even find ONE Tower.

Stay classy Ludia…

@Ned @Jason there’s clearly still plenty of people in the same scenario as myself. Why is the epic tower so extremely sparce during these times when we are encouraged to stay inside due to the pandemic?


Not just encouraged, here there’s a lockdown and curfew… we get fined if we go out without a legit reason and believe it or not: hunting proximity dna or epic towers somehow didn’t make it to that legit list… :rage:


Drived for about 2k, and finally got one.
Got the Blue Tower too.

VERY sparsely distributed…

I didn’t even see the rare and epic strike tower.
But with the bad weather i have constant log in issues the past 36 hours.

No green supply drops in my area for last 1 week. Dried up cash n coins and also chances to earn epic DNA.

The baryonyx strike was working as intended. In other words you have to drive around for 30-60 minutes in order to find it. Or you can buy it for 19.99 instead of driving 5 County lines lol.

Literally have a video driving for near 20 minutes everything else is there except the bary strike. They don’t care silence is the solution.