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This is beyond a joke now

Second week running, nothing on my screen but green drops. It was the same yesterday.
I went out in the car and did a twenty mile round trip, exactly the same.
So no strike towers, no boost strike, nothing for miles except green drops.
Last week I sent in pics etc… 6 days later an apology and 200 game cash. Which is crap as I’ve missed out on days of towers and boost strikes.
I don’t want apologies and a paltry game cash sum, I want it fixed or is this gonna end up like game chat and never be fixed?


I had 17 green in 1 Park lol

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Yeah but did you find anything else?

Not many streets where you live :slight_smile: Streets help.
I see your problem too, especially with 2 green ones running at the same time like yesterday and today. Orange ones are like 10-20% here. Enough to get the essential FIPs during my travels but I can max out the greens from my chair while only having 3000/15000 on the orange ones after a whole day.

I think it is fine. Before there was a huge uproar because not enough green stops for people to find their specific weekly dinosaurs. Now there’s moaning for too many lol they can never win


The whole point is that none of us can do any strike towers at all!

I don’t care about the orange stops.

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As I said, would you be saying that if you had no strike towers at all?

I don’t see the epic strike tower anywhere, but the scent is there. Don’t need it though.

I would go and explore. A lot of dinosaurs I could encounter while I hunt a strike tower :slight_smile:

Dude, I did a twenty mile round trip!

I can see 9 orange drops if I look around until the horizon. But at least 100 green ones. It’s insane!
It’s cute that they increased the green ones, but the ratio should be more like 80% orange 20% green.

Traveling 20 miles and seeing not 1 strike tower is hard to believe, but I guess if that is true, your complaint is valid

I can assure you its true

It’s been established that different areas have different spread of drops (and dinos) since the map update. Something is truly wrong.

Well I guess me, my wife and our son will just have to accept that we are unfortunate and won’t get strike towers any more on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
As long as the majority are ok I guess it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

I only get a ton of green stops in parks. Most other places are orange. I hope ludia fix your problem

I’m sure they will fix it at some point.

Me too, I guess as we live in the middle of the countryside in the UK we get a weird selection of drops.
Funny thing is though - no problems at all with niantic and poke stops etc…

Your positivity is admirable.
Misplaced, but admirable all the same

They’ve done a handful of changes the last month, they should get it right at some point.